Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Hot Summer Weather?

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    It has been another one of those weeks.
    You turned the air conditioner on before you went to bed on Sunday night, but by the time you went to sleep on Monday night you were back to the furnace. In fact, although the temperatures Sunday evening approached the low 80s, the thunderstorm that made its way through the area was an indication of the arriving cold front that dropped the early morning Tuesday temperatures below freezing again.
    At least you can be thankful that the landscaping company sales person talked you out of buying and planting anything over the weekend. You tried though, but just as you were starting to load your small cart with some items that you were going to use to brighten up the area in front of the house, one of the workers came by and asked what you were planning. Even befo

    Keeping Up with Your Heating and Air Conditioning Raises Your Bottom Line

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    In the last half-century, the United States and the world have enjoyed the technological advances that have been brought to our everyday lives. We look at computers and smartphones, televisions and gaming systems. We could also look at automobiles and transportation in general and see how the advances in technology have transformed the way in which we live.

    When you take those eyes and turn them inward, you can already see how developments in technology have changed the way we live in our own homes. Heating and air conditioning systems have improved so dramatically that it is hard to believe we might have ever needed to turn on a fan or throw another log on the fire. Roughly 66% of all homes in America have air conditioning. This number has gone up considerably from what it used to be.

    Is It Time to Replace Your Home’s Windows?

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    Windows are an extremely important part of the design of your home. They keep high winds, snow, and rain out. They also let natural sunlight in. When the weather is nice, you can choose to open them to also let fresh air in. Over time, however, your windows lose efficiency and require window replacements. You may be hesitant to replace your windows because of cost, but you will find that replacing residential windows actually has many benefits to your home.

    Better shelter from exterior weather

    The purpose of windows is to shelter you from exterior weather conditions. Although older windows may still provide minimal shelter to you, they tend to let more cold and heat in. This can affect the overall temperature of the house and make it uncomfortable. Windows today are made with better ma