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    The Different Types of Roofs You Could Go For and Why

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    Roof replacement

    Owning your own home is a great accomplishment. However, it doesn’t come without it’s share of problems. Like, if something goes wrong in the house, guess who’s responsible? You are! As the owner, you will be responsible for all the major things in the house. Even if you have renters or tenants, they will still be calling you when things break down. One of those things is the roof. A well installed roof will last a good 20 or more years but that also depends on the material that is used. Keep in mind that the environment that you live in plays a big part in the durability of different types of roof. Other factors also way in such as, the shape of the house, the weather and the climate. Let’s look at a few types of roofs that are most commonly used.

    Metal Roofing
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    Large Constriction Crane Crashes Down on NYC Bridge, Miraculously Avoids Fatalities

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    Rv jack pad

    Steel crane mats are extremely important so major construction disasters are avoided. Without these protective ground mats, dangerous accidents could occur much more often than they already do.

    In New York City, a giant construction crane actually fell on a bridge causing major damage but, luckily, avoiding any fatalities.

    According to CBS New York, a giant 256-foot tall brad new construction crane collapsed onto the 62-year-old Tappan Zee Bridge.

    “A very loud rumble,” said Michael Simboli of Grand View who witnessed the collapse, “it was almost earthquake-like.”

    Governor Andrew Cuomo and other city officials could not believe the disaster wasn’t much worse and called the situation “miraculous.”

    Not one vehicle was

    The Construction Industry In The United States Is Rising Exponentially Why?

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    Rent construction equipment

    A construction company is only as good as the tools at their disposal. Due to the precarious nature of the job, even a slightly faulty boom lift or ladder can mean significant risk to employee and customer alike. Likewise, quality portable lifting equipment goes above and beyond the call to ensure a safe and efficient job well done. The United States has enjoyed significant boons in construction and roofing industries over the past few years, from aerial lift parts to electric boom lifts, and has given countless contractors different types of equipment to choose from. Portable lifting equipment, designed with the express purpose of transporting heavy or precar