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    Consequences For Failing To Clean Your Gutters? Actually, Yes

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    House gutter cleaning service

    Every home owner knows the importance of maintaining their homes, both for safety and appearance reasons. But most of the time, when people think about the upkeep of their homes, they think of peeling paint and rickety stairs, water heaters that need repairs and leaky faucets. What they do not tend to think of is their rain gutters and their downspouts, both of which play very important roles in keeping their homes safe and beautiful.

    The general purpose of guttering is to get fallen rain off the roof of your home and as far away from the house as possible. However, since, if the water were to just sit in the gutters, it would cause damage to both the gutter system and the rest of the home, downspouts are also

    Planning to Sell? Add a Dual Fuel Furnace and Landscaping

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    Are you making a list of home improvements? What items are at the top of your list? If you’re thinking about selling your current house, 97% of real estate agents will recommend that you have your house landscaped.

    When you invest in landscaping, such as putting in a nice lawn, plants, and perhaps a few shade trees, you can potentially receive a 215% return on your investment. If you’re planning to budget for this, just spending 5% of your home’s existing value can bring you up to a 150% return on your investment.

    Furthermore, landscaping alone can increase your home’s resale value by at least 14%. Just imagine the potential resale value of your home if you also added a patio along with other outdoor living areas, or had a dual fuel furnace installed.

    While Americans may spend 4 hours a week caring f

    How To Properly Soundproof Your Music Room At Home

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    Sound absorbing ceiling panels

    Are you an employed musician or someone who simply likes to play music in their spare time? Does your family, roommates or neighbor complain often about the noise that comes from your home or apartment? It can be tricky to play music at the level you enjoy when other people can hear your sound. It limits when you can play your music, at what sound level and for how long you can play. Whether it is for your job or for a hobby, it is always less enjoyable when you are restricted for one reason or another.

    Luckily, there are plenty of ways to add sound isolation wall panels or acoustic ceiling materials to a specific room in your home for soundproofing walls and to soundproof ceilings. Interested in learning