Invest in Your Home with New Plumbing

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Did you know that a trillion gallons of water are wasted every year du to leaking faucets, running toilets as well as other types of leaks? That’s worth 6 billion dollars. There is no better way to waste money and watch it go down the drain than to keep using old, outdated and broken plumbing. In order to update your home and increase the value you should have an old plumbing system replaced. Plumbing home improvements offer more than value, they also provide a great sense of relief.

The Right Plumbers Offer Home Improvement Advantages

Professional plumbers can do more than just replace bathroom fixtures, although that is a decent start when it comes to remodeling. Perhaps it is time for a new tub, tiles or even a new toilet. There are many aspects of plumbing that can be replaced that are not just for the bathroom. Replacing bad plumbing saves you time and money over the course of time. When you work closely with plumbing professionals, they can help you reno

The Threat Of Radon And How You Can Avoid It

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When you have a new home, getting the radon tested in it is hugely important. If you’re having a sump pump put in or replaced, any sump pump installation company will recommend the same. As any sump pump installation company will be well aware of, radon can originate from around a sump pump. Even directly after the process that a sump pump installation company will complete in installing such a thing, radon can be present. Therefore, any given sump pump installation company is likely to recommend that you hire a radon testing service to conduct a radon test in your home.

Even if a sump pump installation company has not recently been utilized, a residential radon testing service is still likely to be ideal if you have not had radon test results for quite some time. After all, radon levels are higher than you might imagine even in homes where the work of a sump pump installation company is not particularly recent. The data gathered on the subject more than supports this claim, showi

The Best Retrofit Lighting Options for Outdoor and Industrial Lighting Applications

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Proper lighting is essential for both residential and commercial settings. But with a plethora of lighting options available on the market, sometimes finding the right lights for your specific needs becomes an overwhelming experience. Not only is price a major consideration when choosing the best lights, but there are more factors to consider such as energy efficiency, watts and lumens, color temperature, voltage as well as color rendering index (CRI).

LED and Induction Lamp for Outdoor Lighting

There are two popular retrofit options when it comes to outdoor lighting which are LED and induction lighting. They are both durable and low maintenance making them an ideal option for street and parking garage lighting, tunnels, building walkways, pole and other industrial applications where regular replacement of defective lights becomes impractical.

How Long Lasting are These Two Options

Though there are more light options on the