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    Study How Much Tourism Is Too Much Tourism?

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    Researchers at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC) are asking an important question that has major implications for tourist hotspots the world over: how much tourism is too much? Put another way, when does tourism stop helping a local economy and start hurting it? When it comes to the eco-friendly Outer Banks lifestyle, the importance of this point cannot be overstated.

    Determining the impact people have on the ecosystems of the places they visit is more complicated than just plugging some figures into a computer systems to get an answer. Researchers are trying to figure out the impact human interaction with delicate ecosystems changes and what the maximum amount of interaction is before the areas become hurt by the presence of humans in the area.

    UNC researchers are conducting

    What Home Improvements Would You Like to Make?

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    Since you’re planning to make some improvements to your home, you may be interested to know that most homeowners view their house’s exterior as a single unit and not a sum of its parts. In fact, 88% of homeowners throughout the United States claimed to view their home in this way.

    When thinking about a house’s overall personality, many homeowners would like to use color palettes that express their personal tastes. However, 32% of the homeowners polled claimed that their home’s color and other features were restricted by a homeowner association, historical area requirements, or other local restrictions.

    If you’re planning to have a new roof installed, you want to choose commercial roofing materials that are durable. During a recent survey, 88% of the participants stated that durability was the

    Why You Should Take Your Storm Shelter Seriously

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    Arkansas storm shelters

    If you’ve ever seen The Wizard of Oz, then you are at least familiar with the idea of a tornado. In Dorothy Gale’s case, she didn’t make it into the storm cellar and as a result, found herself transported to a far away land over the rainbow. But real life tornados have nothing to do with munchkins, wicked witches, or wizards. They have to do with life and death.

    Storm shelters are seen by many as being an added extra to a house, one that can be done without. It’s so unlikely that a tornado will hit your home that it might seem like an extra you can’t afford. However, if you live in the part of the country known as “tornado alley,” all you have to do is ask someone whose home was flattened in a matter of seconds by a tornado and you will understand that having a tornado shelter is a must have.

    A torn