What Home Improvements Would You Like to Make?

Roof and siding repair

Since you’re planning to make some improvements to your home, you may be interested to know that most homeowners view their house’s exterior as a single unit and not a sum of its parts. In fact, 88% of homeowners throughout the United States claimed to view their home in this way.

When thinking about a house’s overall personality, many homeowners would like to use color palettes that express their personal tastes. However, 32% of the homeowners polled claimed that their home’s color and other features were restricted by a homeowner association, historical area requirements, or other local restrictions.

If you’re planning to have a new roof installed, you want to choose commercial roofing materials that are durable. During a recent survey, 88% of the participants stated that durability was the most important factor when choosing a new roof. Longevity was the second most important factor for 83% of the survey’s participants.

A large percentage of homeowners also want roofs that require minimal maintenance. When surveyed, 72% said that this was important to them.

If you’re thinking about having an asphalt roof installed, they usually last for 12-to-20 years before they need to be re-roofed. Metal roofs are another option. Steel roofs, for example, may contain approximately 56% of recycled content, and are considered to be superior to asphalt roofs.

When thinking about the potential return on your home-improvement investments, you may want to add a steel door as well. HouseLogic’s “Cost vs. Value Report” indicates that replacing your old door with a steel one has a 98% return. Furthermore, it has become a popular home improvement item.

Another home improvement with a sizable return is having windows replaced. On average, this has a 78.6% return on investment. Rather than just repairing your old windows, it makes sense to have new ones installed as it will add to the value and appearance of your home. It will also make a difference during inclement weather.

In general, when homeowners make improvements on their houses, they tend to spend approximately 1%-to-4% of their home’s original value. However, as a house ages, there may be other costs for maintenance and repairs.

Just a few of these maintenance and repair needs may include the following:

    Gutter repairs
    Installing gutters
    Roof repairs
    Siding installation

        Siding repairs
        Window repairs

      When you decide to make these and other home improvements, you may want to start by contacting a residential roofing company to discuss your roofing options. They can assist you with choosing quality commercial roofing materials so that your roof will last as long as possible.

      If you live in an area that experiences heavy storms, including hail, a roofing company may recommend that you choose metal for your commercial roofing materials. This is because steel roofs can sustain impacts from hail and heavy winds.

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