Heating and Cooling Maintenance How to Extend the Life and Increase the Performance of Your HVAC Units

Keeping your home warm or cool during the cold and hot seasons, respectively, is something you should not take for granted. When the temperatures are well-regulated, you and your family will enjoy living in the house. Besides proper home insulation, the other way you can have the correct temperatures in your abode is by ensuring you have a functional heating and cooling unit, which also plays the role of air conditioning and ventilation. If you do not have an HVAC system in your home, it is high time to check out the market and get one for yourself. However, if you already have such a unit that is not functional, you should understand the necessary steps. The first and essential thing to do would be to consult one of the air conditioning professionals.

You can get referrals from your friends, neighbors, and family. However, the other effortless way to find these experts is through the internet. Most of these experts have an air conditioner website where you can get detailed information about their services. If finding such websites seems challenging, you can search on your browser using the right keywords, such as air conditioning repair service in my area. With that, you will get a list of experts who deal with projects regarding HVAC units. For a more focused search, consider using specific keywords, for instance, an air conditioning specialist near me.

If you want to keep your HVAC system running for as long as possible, make sure that you do regular AC heating maintenance. While you can do some basic cleaning yourself, you should bring in AC services to do most of it. They will handle things like central air conditioning and AC furnace service. If you try to maintain these things by yourself, you might end up causing further damage to the system.

If you need someone to do maintenance of your AC heating and cooling unit, you should look for a company that does AC heating and cooling near me. They can take care of all aspects of your system for you. This way, you build a relationship with your HVAC company and they will be familiar with your system. Then, when you need repairs or replacements, you’ll have someone you can trust to do them correctly. While these things are inevitable, they can be put off for a long time with proper maintenance. So make sure that you’re taking care of your HVAC system correctly.

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There is no price tag that can be placed on comfort, at least in theory. In practice the United States heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry is worth around $71 billion dollars and grow by 4.1% annually between 2009 and 2014. Throughout the country there are around 85,469 HVAC businesses that employ nearly 301,123 people, so chances are there is a professional heating and cooling service near you. Here are some tips from professionals in the HVAC industry to decrease your home’s energy loss and help save more money on the comfort we all enjoy.

Reducing Your Home’s Energy Costs

There are a number of steps that homeowners can take to decrease their home’s heating and cooling costs and put a little extra money in their pockets every month. Having a properly ventilated attic can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 10 to 12%; experts recommend using spray foam insulation as this works better than traditional insulators. Homeowners that close over a fifth of the heating registers in their home actually place unnecessary strain on their furnace; not only does this cause heating costs to increase but it can also endanger the longevity of your furnace. Likewise, utilizing ceiling fans, box fans, and whole house fans can help circulate cool air from air conditioners throughout your home quicker; this too can help homeowners avoid costly A/C repairs in the long run. Additionally, many homeowners may be surprised to hear that their landscaping can help reduce heating and cooling costs: having a tree line to block winds in the winter and trees to provide shade over your home can significantly decrease heating and cooling costs respectively.

Caring for Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Like any machine, furnaces and air conditioners are prone to break down and lose efficiency over time without continual maintenance. In order to avoid costly furnace or A/C repairs, homeowners ought to check and replace their heating and cooling unit’s filters every three months — these filters change colors as contaminates are caught, meaning that dust, allergens, and more could be circulating in your home’s vents if they are not regularly changed. Monitoring any changes to your heating and cooling system can help detect issues early on avoid the need to contact an A/C or furnace repair service. By taking proper care of your furnaces and air conditioners, homeowners can ensure that their units last for an average of 12 to 15 years if not longer!

When to Contact Professional Heating and Cooling Services

Studies show that one of the most frequent causes of heating and cooling energy losses is due to improper installation of a unit. For this reason, homeowners should only trust professional HVAC technicians to install their units as there are many factors that can affect the performance and longevity of HVAC systems. Outdoor air conditioning units and heat pumps need to have at least two feet of clearance around them in order to ensure that they are working at peek efficiency — this is just one oversight that leads to expensive furnace or A/C repairs. In addition, homeowners ought to have their units properly serviced twice a year: experts suggest that furnaces be checked just before winter and air conditioning units be checked just before summer to guarantee that your HVAC system is ready to combat the elements. With professional maintenance and installation, homeowners are able to stay comfortable and enjoy energy savings for their whole home.

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