The Only Leaks in Your Home Should be the Vegetables in your Fridge Fixes for Your Leaky Roof

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The three basic requirements for survival are food, water, and shelter, right? But when the shelter fails, a whole mess of problems starts to affect your life. One of the most common household problems is an old, or failing roof. But with a few preventative measures, and some affordable roofing solutions, you can make sure your roof lasts a lifetime.

A typical roof should last you anywhere from 15-30 years, but if you live in harsh weather conditions, the lifespan of your roof could be cut in half, but if you live in a moderate climate with no risk of hurricanes coming through, about 20 years is the average. Weather related damage, however, is not the reason most people consider getting a new roof. Truth be told, the biggest problem with typical shingled roofs is the amount of energy and money they can waste. While metal roofing materials reflect about 65% of sunlight and heat, a typical shingled roof will only reflect about 15%, absorbing the rest and cutting into your energy cost!

Surprisingly enough, the best roofing solutions involve choosing the right materials for your new roof. Simply choosing metal over shingle roofing can result in almost a 30% decrease in energy costs. While choosing the right residential roofing is important, that’s not the only place where problems can occur! Commercial roofing is just as important as residential roofing. Can you imagine what would happen if your company’s roof sprung a leak? Not fun. Commercial roofers will often recommend metal roofing for office spaces and other commercial buildings to help reduce energy costs.

Regardless of where your new roof is going, the important thing is making sure that it’s going to last. While typical shingled or tiled roofs are guaranteed for about 20 years, most metal roofs come with a lifetime guarantee and warranty. Commercial roofers or residential roofers, they’ll make sure you’re getting the best roof for your home or office. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be performing regular maintenance! Part of keeping a roof forever is taking care of it like you want it to last that long. Don’t let your roof go to waste!

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