The Different Types of Roofs You Could Go For and Why

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Owning your own home is a great accomplishment. However, it doesn’t come without it’s share of problems. Like, if something goes wrong in the house, guess who’s responsible? You are! As the owner, you will be responsible for all the major things in the house. Even if you have renters or tenants, they will still be calling you when things break down. One of those things is the roof. A well installed roof will last a good 20 or more years but that also depends on the material that is used. Keep in mind that the environment that you live in plays a big part in the durability of different types of roof. Other factors also way in such as, the shape of the house, the weather and the climate. Let’s look at a few types of roofs that are most commonly used.

Metal Roofing
Why install metal roofing? Well, it is a very strong and durable material. It doesn’t deteriorate and is actually good for the environment. A metal roof can actually add value to your home more so then something like an asphalt roof. The reason is because other types of roofs tend to breakdown twice as fast as a metal roof. So why install metal roofing? To save money on insurance and heating and cooling, double your home value and warranty and generally make your house look better.

Asphalt Shingles
Now if you’re looking into other roof types as well and aren’t solely stuck on “why install metal roofing?” then it would be a good idea for you to look into asphalt. These are actually the most popular type of roof because they are pretty cheap and come in a variety of colors and styles. They’re fairly reliable as a waterproofing material but they do tend to fade and get damaged in direct sunlight. At times algae will actually grow on the shingles so if you’re looking to install the asphalt shingles then you will want algae resistant ones.

Slate Shingles
These are really only used in high class and upscale homes. They’re very natural looking, fire resistant, they don’t rot and the easy to maintain. However, slate tiles are extremely heavy and expensive and not all roofers are able to install them. It takes a lot of experience and expertise in order to do it properly. Another downfall of slate shingles is that if you have to walk on the roof in order to clean gutters or take care of other problems up there, it’s easy to break the shingles by walking on them.

Cedar Shingles
Using wood is a very environmentally friendly choice especially if the shingles are made from recycled wood. You may think that wood would degrade the fastest but surprisingly, the coatings and materials used on wood groups make them last 30 or more years. They also look very classy and homey. If you’re looking for solid investment in the environment then cedar shingles are right for you.

Flat Roofing
While you want to think about material, you also have to decide between flat roofing and slanted roofing. Flat roofs are cheaper to install then sloped roofs but they also are a lot higher maintenance. It’s difficult to keep a flat roof clear of water so it has to be cleaned regularly in order to get rid of any water and also clear leaves and debris from drains. Sloped roofs tend to be a little easier to maintain but are initially more expensive. They are of course, also harder to keep your balance on if you have to go up on the roof for anything but they do tend to last a little longer than flat roofs.

Whether you were trying to find out “why install metal roofing?” Or just looking for the cheapest type of roof, there are a lot of things that you should do in order to find out what is going to be best for your home. Not every roof is good for every house so speak with a roofing contractor to talk about your residential roofing and what would be in your best interest. Make sure that you are making a wise choice that will last awhile and be beneficial to your investment.

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