How to Best Care for Your Metal Roof

Durability is one of the main factors that come into play when deciding on what materials to use for roofing. Metal is one such material. It has many benefits, including its durability; it needs little maintenance and is cost friendly, especially in the long run.

Installation of metal roofs isn’t complicated. A common question from owners when replacing roofs is: can you put a metal roof over existing shingles? The answer is yes. It is one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of metal roofs.

You can find many different designs for metal roofs. A person may make their choice based on their preferences. For instance, a person who might be interested in a curved roof may opt for curved corrugated metal roofing. It’s best to inquire about the differences before installing one.

A quick online search can show results for corrugated roof sheeting prices or the cheapest standing seam metal roofing. When doing an online search, specificity works best.

Most roofing companies offer free quotes making it easy for homeowners to budget. It is also a wise choice to consult a roofing contractor before deciding what type of metal roof to install.

Most homeowners want to do what they can to protect their home. Many look into metal roofing and opt for that material for a number of reasons. They last much longer than other materials, they will save homeowners on their energy bills, often the government gives tax breaks to defray the cost of the installation, they can withstand wind and fire and they are good for the environment. Another selling point is that they need a lot less maintenance than other kind of roofing. They may not need much of it, but they do need some maintenance. These are some things you can do to keep it looking fantastic for longer.

Keep trees and other foliage away from it.

Roofing contractors tell homeowners need to keep it safe from bushes, shrubs and trees. When these things are allowed to rub up against it, they can do some damage to the finish. While it is resistant to wind damage, a branch that was blown off a tree will do nothing good for it. Depending on its age and how much it has been subjected to, the damage can be more severe. The easiest thing for homeowners to do is to keep their trees and bushes and shrubs well pruned. This is also going to prevent stray branches from damaging other parts of your home.

Remove debris as soon as you know it is there.

residential roofing companies tell their clients that a lot of the debris that lands on a home will be removed naturally by rain or snow, some can still stay up there. Depending on how many trees you have around your home, you will have more or less of a problem with this. Also, the kind of trees make a big difference. Some just shed more than others. It is a good idea to check on it after big storms. The best way to get rid of it is to get a brush that has been made for this purpose. You can get those at your local home improvement store. Most experts do not recommend using water as that can cause more trouble than the process is worth.

Do not go up and walk around on it.

While most of the time, you can walk on a metal roof, experts say you should keep that to a bare minimum. It may not do a lot of structural damage but a steady flow of people walking around will impact the look of the roof. If you absolutely need to get up there to get rid of branches, leaves or your cat, make sure you are very familiar with the manufacturer’s specifications for this kind of thing.

Do not neglect the gutters and downspouts.

One thing metal roofs have in common with other kinds is that you need to keep the gutters and downspouts clean, clear and free of debris. When you leave debris, such as leaves, twigs or even dirt, in the gutters for the entire year, they can brush up against the roof, it can cause some damage. The way these roofs are designed, they should let water and snow fall easily off. That does not happen when the gutters are packed with debris. They can handle water and snow but standing water is another story. That can cause some corrosion that will reduce its lifespan.

Painting your home? Do not let it get on the roof.

Many painters use spray guns to do their job. That makes a lot of sense as it is an easy way to paint a home. The problem is the paint can be blown all over your metal roof. This does not actually hurt it in any way but it will totally change its look. Unfortunately, this will not be able to be removed so now you are stuck with a roof that just does not have the look that you were probably going for when you had it installed. There are more ways to prevent it than to fix it so just do not let your house painter use a sprayer.

Metal roofs can be a great addition to any home. They will keep you safe for a long time if you care for them.


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