Interior Design Does Your Home Reflect Your Lifestyle?

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Since you want your home’s interior and exteriors to reflect your personality as well as your lifestyle, you may have been considering remodeling. If you’ve recently had one or more rooms in your home remodeled, you may now be focusing on interior design and decorating.

Many homeowners, for example, are engaged in sustainable home improvement projects. A survey showed that between 2012-to-2013, 20% of homeowners had at least one project that involved increasing their home’s energy efficiency.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, just a few energy-efficient features include having Low-E glass windows installed as well as placing them so that they can be opened to create cross-ventilation throughout the house. Other features include energy-efficient HVAC units as well as using LED lighting both indoors and out.

A survey from the National Association of Home Builders indicated that the most requested renovation project for 78% of the participants was for bathroom remodels. Since over half of the households consisted of individuals 60 and older who are are planning to remain in their homes, or age-in-place, there are quite a few choosing to modify their home’s interiors accordingly.

The National Association of Home Builders has an aging-in-place checklist for bathroom remodels. Here are just a few of their recommendations:

    Curbless showers
    Shower seats that can be folded down
    Shower heads that can be adjusted and handheld with longer hoses
    Tub and shower controls that are set off to the side
    Antibacterial protection built into shower
    Shower lights
    Lower bathtubs
    Wall bracing surrounding the bathtub, shower, shower seat, and toilet
    Wheelchair access in at least one bathroom
    Toilets that are a few inches higher or can be adjusted
    Toilet paper holders designed to change rolls with one hand

Before, during, as well as after a home remodel, whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, or several rooms in the house, you probably have several ideas for each room’s interior design. A recent survey, however, showed nine percent of people in the United States haven’t updated their home decor in over ten years, while 47% haven’t done so over the past give years.

If you’re currently working on a DIY interior decorating project, or are looking for interior design ideas, you may want to contact an interior designer to assist with this process. Whether you ‘re thinking about updating to include modern furniture, or wanting to create a cozy space in your den for guests with a sleeper sofa, an interior designer can help create what you envision.

While you’re taking an inventory of your personal items and existing decor, you may be interested to know about the “rule of threes.” An interior designer will tell you that in general, odd numbers will catch the eye and be more enticing than even numbers.

When you begin to arrange your favorite items on a shelf or end table, such as candles or hand-blown glass and ceramic dishes, remember to think in threes. Using different color combinations, or including surprise color accents, with fiber arts, drapery, pillows, and rugs can also create an inviting and beautiful space that reflects your tastes and lifestyle.

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