Homeowners Everywhere are Looking for the Remodel

Wood wall planks

If you watch cable television at all, then you probably are aware of the many home and garden shows that are produced these days. The big trend in the construction industry these days is the remodel. People all over the country are remodeling their homes to enjoy them for themselves but also to increase their home’s value by bringing it up to date.

What homeowners are finding is that they can really get a nice return on their investment by doing a remodel, whether it be a remodel of the entire house or a single room. For example, a minor kitchen remodel can give a return on investment of almost 83% on average. This is a great deal in any situation but is a really big deal if the homeowner is looking to sell their home at some point in the not too distant future.

If you do remodeling, then you already know that a kitchen remodel is one that is requested almost more than anything else. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, 69% of all of the jobs that are done are kitchen remodels. They have a fantastic return on investment and homeowners love the way a new kitchen looks and feels. But, this isn’t the most requested room in the house when it comes to renovations.

The number one most requested room in the house when it comes to being renovated is the bathroom. The National Association of Homebuilders recently conducted a survey and found that the bathroom accounts for 78% of renovation projects. While the bathroom accounts for more than three-quarters of all home renovation projects, just over a third of home renovation projects are whole-home renovations. In other words, over 30% of renovations are the renovating of the entire house.

For these projects, whether they are single room renovations or whole home remodels, an architect can help make the project personal and applicable to the tastes of the owners in just about every situation. The cabinet components, the wall panels, the planks and beams and so much more can be shown to the homeowners before detailed work even gets started.

One of the biggest and most important aspects of remodeling a home, whether it be one room or the entire house, is to have beauty right alongside functionality. For the most part, homeowners are looking for ways to use the space they already have but use that space in much more efficient ways.

Tounge and groove planks in new floorboards, for example, can save energy as well as really dress up a kitchen or a living room. Planks or laminate can be the answer to some energy problems while giving a homeowner the new and modern look they have been looking for.

Most home remodels are for homeowners who have been in their property for several years, but many are not. Many remodels are done for owners who purchase an existing property and want to either update their features for the look of it all, for the efficiency of it all or simply to get the benefits of both.

Whatever the case may be, the remodeling of homes is a business that is booming all across the country.

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