4 Cool Ways Tiling Can Spice Up Your Remodel

Tub remodel

Renovating a kitchen or bathroom can be a big job. Depending on how much you’re getting into with a renovation, it can be a complicated process. Appliances, counter tops, sinks, tubs, and flooring are all commonly remodeled aspects of kitchens and bathrooms. Many people want their renovations to look stylish, clean, and unique. It’s hard to get this right if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is best not to go into this blind, and fully plan all aspects of your bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel before you start swinging any hammers. 90% of upgrades involve changing a bathroom. This means the help of a professional, or at least ample research, is an important piece to this puzzle.

1. Shower and Tub

Remodeling a bathing area is common. Most people want a better bathtub with more space and fancy jets. There are also a lot of people who want high tech showers with cool lighting and intricate shower heads. Whatever the case is, making it look good is important. Tile designs in a bath or shower remodel is an important piece. Depending on your bathroom style, going for simple and clean tiles may be best for you. Some people may even try unique designs or murals with different shaped tiles. These back splashes can get creative, with mosaic tiles or clean and crisp glass tiles.

2. Counter Tops

Counter Tops have much room for personalization. One sink or multiple, room for compartments, or any other special feature is possible. Many prefer a marble counter for a sleek and classic look. However, tile can be a great idea as well. Intricate designs can be made with tile that are pleasing to the eye and functional as well. Back splashes with tiles are good for counter and sink areas too. Stone and brick looking tiles can be a great bold touch in any bathroom depending on the style.

3. Flooring

Floors in the bathroom should be functional and easy to clean. However, making them look good too can’t hurt. Marble isn’t just for counter tops, it is commonly used for the floor as well. Tile is a very common bathroom flooring. Tiles for the floor can be big or small, smooth or textured, and any shape or pattern. The possibilities are endless, but it should tie into your theme or bathroom design. This is the biggest surface in your bathroom.

4. Floor to Ceiling

A popular style lately is going crazy with tile and putting it everywhere. That’s right, the floor, the walls, all over the counters, and even the ceiling. Although this might sound like too much, it can look incredibly sleek when done right. This is an intricate process that must include the right measurements, proportions, shapes, and colors.

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