Why This is a Good Time to go Solar

Updated 3/29/22

If you’re considering solar energy for your home, it can be an excellent investment. While you’ll need to pay for a solar energy storage system, you’ll end up saving money in the future. Solar energy uses the sun to make clean, cheap energy to power your home or business. With first energy solar panels, the sun’s energy is absorbed, then transferred into the storage system. You’ll end up saving more money on your utility bills than you originally paid for the solar system to be installed. With more people getting solar panel training by government, the option is getting cheaper and more widely available for everyone.

Once you’ve decided to get solar, the first you need to do is get a quote for solar panels. If the price is too high, your alternative energy installer might have different options to make it more affordable. A payment plan or rental program can help you get access to solar energy in a way that you can afford. Once you’ve found a way to pay for solar, the installer will help you through the rest of the process.

Solar power contracting companies

Solar energy is here and homeowners can take advantage of the growing availability of this technology to power homes, heaters and pools. There are so many reasons to go solar: you reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills at the same time. Solar power reduces the emission of harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Solar energy is a cascading force for good, available now. Solar panels and solar pool heaters are a good way to begin preparing your home for the future.

Lower bills are just the beginning
Solar water heaters can reduce water heating costs by half, according to Energy Star. Rooftop solar panels for the home can power not only your own home but also provide extra energy that you can sell back to the utility company. Homeowners with solar panels installed actually see their electricity meters spinning backwards, and it’s a beautiful sight.
Of course, solar power doesn’t just reduce your bills, it reduces your carbon footprint. Solar panel installation can reduce carbon dioxide emissions due to to your home by as much as 35,180 pounds a year. There are multiple benefits of this reduction for the environment. That’s because excess carbon dioxide affects not only the atmosphere but also the oceans, leading to rising water temperatures and increasing acidity. This threatens all marine life and the entire food chain.

What can you do with solar?
Solar energy can be used to power homes, water heaters and swimming pools, among other things. Solar water heaters can last for up to 20 years. Solar pool heaters can turn your swimming pool into a year-round facility.
Rooftop solar panels can be installed on all kinds of roofs: flat, shingles and tiles.
Home solar energy systems basically take over all your electricity usage, accounting for lights, heating and cooling, appliances, computers and electronic devices, power tools, and more. And the next generation will thank you. That’s something no amount of money can buy.

Getting there: what will it take to install solar?
Once you decide to go solar, the solar company will send out consultants who will design a customized system for your house. Solar panel prices have decreased by 80% since 2008, and this downward trend is projected to continue. Solar pool heaters and water heaters have virtually no operating costs, so after installation is paid for, you’re basically getting your heating for free.
There are state and federal tax credits for Arizona residents installing solar panels. Residents having a solar energy system qualify for a $1,000 state tax credit, and through 2019 they will also receive a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit. The credits won’t last for ever, though, so now is a good time to go ahead and get started.

With so much in favor of solar rooftop panels and solar pool heaters, it’s a smart choice for homeowners. It’s better for your wallet, for the environment, and best of all, it will win you brownie points with the next generation. And that’s priceless.

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