What Are the Advantages of Using Oval Ducts?

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Ducts are essential to the functioning of a wide range of industries, from mining to restaurants, and everything in between. Made from sheet metal, oval and round spiral ducts are replacing the traditional rectangular duct. For a number of reasons, including aesthetics and ease of installation, they are preferred. Oval duct products include accessories like end caps, elbows and couplers.

Introducing oval duct products
A staggering number of industries, including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and restaurants use ducts for ventilation and other purposes. Nearly all, or 90% of new homes built in the U.S. use duct systems for heating and cooling. Maintaining a smooth airflow and ease of maintenance are important considerations when installing ductwork. This is why oval ducts and oval ducts are becoming a popular choice with engineers and architects.
Oval ducts have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and come in a variety of materials. They are easy to install and manufacturers provide many additional accessories and oval duct products. Accessories like end caps, couplings and elbows are manufactured specifically for spiral ducts and make installation easier.

Benefits of oval spiral ducts
Spiral ducts are easier to install and can be used in areas where it is difficult or impossible to use rectangular ducts due to lack of space or clearance. When installing rectangular ducts, a full 3 inches of extra space is needed at every joint and corner to allow room for connections and reinforcements. This is not necessary with oval ducts, which need less space and clearance.
Oval and spiral ducts have lower installation cost than rectangular ducts. When all costs are factored in, including products, parts, labor, warehousing, transportation, packaging, and waste disposal, the cost of installing oval ductwork can be up to 50% less than rectangular ducts.

Oval and spiral ducts function more efficiently
Due to their shape, oval and spiral ducts function more efficiently and smoothly than rectangular ductwork. Because there are no corners and angles, there is less friction and vibration. Turbulence is what creates the noise in running an HVAC system. Oval ducts makes for less noise, an important consideration for ventilation and air conditioning systems.
With fewer angles, corners, and connections, there?s less possibility of leakage of heated or cooled air in oval ducts . Ordinarily as much as 20 to 30% of the air traveling through air ducts is lost due to leaks and at connections. Using oval and spiral ducts improves the energy efficiency of the system, and keeps the building at an even temperature, making for a more comfortable living and working environment.

Oval and spiral ducts and oval duct products have a number of advantages over the traditional rectangular ducts. Installation is easier and costs less and HVAC systems run more smoothly. When you factor in an aesthetically pleasing appearance and energy efficient operation, it?s not surprising that the demand for oval ducts is increasing.

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