From A Quaint English Lattice To A Protective Chainlink Choosing The Best Fencing For Your Home

Sometimes your home doesn’t feel complete without a certain addition.

This varies from homeowner to homeowner, of course, but there are common preferences that bind us together. Many today like to make sure their front yard is in good shape to increase their curb appeal and top off the rest of their home. Others are more concerned about their exterior lighting and how it brings out the best in their garden. Fencing is a basic feature that many homeowners can easily overlook on their way to that idyllic one-of-a-kind home. Not only is it a good way to boost your ROI, it makes you look like a smart neighbor and gives you the privacy you deserve.

Fencing around businesses and the homeowner’s privacy fence have a lot in common. Let’s see what those are.

A Blossoming Industry For Homeowners And Businesses

Before you choose the fence that will give your home that extra polish you’ve been craving, learn more about the industry that’s making waves. The American fencing market was valued at $7 billion back in 2016, with this forecast to reach $11 billion by the time 2024 arrives. In fact, between 2012 and 2017 the fencing market grew by 6% every year. Homeowners, businesses and civil engineers are all actively searching for the most durable materials and appealing designs. Commercial fence services can make sure you not just find the right fence, but install it properly and keep it looking brand new.

Improving Your ROI With Fencing Additions

Your home’s value rises and dips depending on a multitude of factors. A bad storm can damage your roof and see it sinking well below your expectations. On the other hand, your new bathroom renovation can give it a few percentages that last for years. Fencing is a fantastic way to add more value to your home that people can see immediately. This doesn’t go for just basic entrance gates, but electric gates or a basic pool enclosure. Make sure to regularly clean and repair your fence as damage arises so you can protect your ROI throughout the year.

Adding More Privacy To Your Home

Another good reason to add more fencing to your home is to increase your privacy. Standard additions to any backyard, pool or gardening enclosure is a fence tall enough to shield you from prying eyes, but low enough to comply with standard state regulations. Safety is the name of the game with many fencing constructions for businesses and civil engineering. Guardrail ‘crashworthiness’ tests are performed with vehicles traveling 60 miles per hour. A study provided by the University Of Nebraska-Lincoln stated guardrails with a 36-inch height could make roads safer.

Simple Building Tips To Remember

What should you know before reaching out to commercial fencing services? It’s important not to step on anyone’s toes when choosing your residential fence installation. Different jurisdictions may require your residential fencing to be set two, four or even eight inches from your property line. Permits aren’t required for work on fences that aren’t higher than seven feet unless it’s a swimming pool barrier. Durham has a unique law that requires fences no taller than six feet to be allowed along the rear and side yard properties. You can keep all these details in check with a commercial fence contractor.

Choosing The Right Type Of Fence

You’ve brushed up on your local laws and figured out what you want to use your fence for. Now comes the fun part…choosing the fence that will make your home look brand new. The English lattice fence is a classic mainstay that compliments any garden or backyard entertainment set-up. A privacy fence can be a chainlink or a more old-fashioned wooden model, depending on your tastes. Most experts recommend either painting or staining a wood fence every two to three years. It helps to double-check your varnish, too, to make sure no insects or dirt are getting in the way of your foundation.

Make your home feel more complete. Look into fencing that will boost your exterior design, ROI and privacy all in one go.

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