4 Tips For Building Your Outdoor Deck

Few things are as fulfilling as finishing up a home project. Building a porch or wooden deck for your backyard is one of the best ways for a man to pass the time, and provide an upgrade for his house. And hey, don’t let that sound like we’re excluding women, because you can absolutely build your own deck too.

For those who aren’t particularly experienced in carpentry or even home projects, the idea of building a deck can be a daunting one. It is possible for you, though! We recommend doing a lot of research, making sure you’re able to dedicate a great deal of time if you’re going to commit. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are just four tips we want to share if you plan on building your own deck.

1. Make Sure to Coat Well!

After finishing your deck, you’re going to need to coat your deck to avoid weather damage and the like. You have the option of using a clear coat for wood, if you are happy with the color as is, or find a paint for decks to get the color of the wood to your liking. If you go with painting, we recommend a low odor paint for help avoiding polyurethane fumes and keeping the environment protected. If you decide to use clear coat for wood, we recommend a non-toxic clear coat that will do the same.

2. Don’t Skimp on Wood

If you’re building your own deck, you want to make sure it lasts a long time. That’s why you don’t want to go too cheap when it comes to wood. Invest in the strong stuff, and you won’t regret it down the line. Cheaper wood has a higher chance of succumbing to rot and mold down the line if not taken care of properly and without a layer of clear coat for wood. Go for higher quality wood and your deck will stay hardy and strong.

3. Follow City Codes

Many cities will have specific codes on how decks can be built, and what specific requirements they might have to meet. Higher than 16 inches in many places will require a railing, for instance. It’s important to be aware of what specific codes and regulations apply to you, as well as whether you might need a permit to construct your deck in the first place. Get in touch with someone at your local city hall or equivalent to find out more.

4. Keep Things on the Level

One of the worst things that can happen when building a deck is for it to be built crooked. This is so incredibly hard to fix. You want to make sure you don’t make this mistake. Use concrete foundations for your deck and build with a level to avoid making this costly mistake.

Those are our four tips for deck building amateurs. Hopefully your project goes well! Share your finished result or any other tips you might have down in the comments below!

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