Consider These 3 Factors Before Buying Compressors

Many workers use a compressed air system to complete important tasks. Research shows that nearly 70% of all manufacturers utilize some type of compressed air system. With that in mind, these devices aren’t only being used for manufacturing purposes. Many people working in the automotive industry use compressors to keep vehicles in optimal condition. It’s understandable to have trouble determining which type of air compressor you’ll need. Considering that, here are three factors to consider before purchasing an air compressor.

  • Understanding Power Requirements

    If you’re using this device in your garage, you should be able to receive enough power from a portable air compressor. On the other hand, many people use air compressors for work purposes. If you’re going to work on multiple vehicles throughout the day, you’ll probably require something more powerful. With that in mind, piston air compressors should provide you with more than enough power.
  • Choosing Between Electric or Gas Powered Compressors

    It’s important to note that air compressors require a power source to work properly. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend too much time on this decision. You’ll be able to choose from either gas or electric powered compressed air distribution systems. In fact, almost 80 to 90% of all electrical energy used by air compressors end up being converted to heat. If you have an electrical power source, it’s wise to choose compressors that use this type of energy. Those without access to an electrical source will need to use gas powered compressors.
  • Selecting the Right Type of Air Tanks

    Air compressors require several components in order to work properly. With that in mind, you’ll need to attach air tanks to your compressors. However, you’ll often have a wide range of tank sizes to choose from. Therefore, purchasing the right kind of tank is an understandably confusing task. You’ll want to think about how long you plan on using your air compressor. For instance, smaller air tanks are perfect for completing tasks that don’t require a lot of time. On the other hand, you’ll want to consider ordering large air tanks for more labor intensive tasks.

In closing, there are several important determinations to make before purchasing a compressed air system. After purchasing and setting up this device, make sure your air compressor receives regular maintenance checks. If not, you could find yourself wasting large amounts of energy. Research shows that leaks measuring an eighth of an inch in 100 psi system can waste $1,200 worth of energy per year. Considering that, it’s wise to keep these items in proper working condition by partnering with a compressor repair company.

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