DIY Homeownership Doesn’t Always Mean Picking Up A Hammer The Ease Of Peel And Stick Accent Walls

DIY home improvement projects can seem a little too difficult at times.

Sure, it looks pretty easy to grab a set of nails and a hammer and get to work…but then you realize you’ve never actually done any carpentry in your life! When you have big dreams and lackluster skills, there are options available to meet you halfway. The peel and stick accent wall, for example, is a great way to add a little visual panache to your living room. Just as beautiful as a traditionally applied shiplap, this can take some of the bite out of trying things out on your own. If you’re still not quite sure how to get the hang of it…

…keep reading and become one with the DIY home guru. It’s a lot more fun than you think!

Wood is one of the most used materials around the world. Its beautiful textures, vibrant hues, and sturdy design make it very reliable for our everyday needs. Unfortunately, it’s also not the most sustainable element. Hardwood trees can take an upwards of 20 years or more to reach maturity…when you consider deforestation rates, that’s not a lot of wiggle room to replenish supplies! It’s estimated over 50% of all hardwoods in North America are oak trees — the peel and stick accent wall is not just easy to apply, but cuts into wood-related waste.

Your wooden furniture and wooden floorboards hold up for a reason. With proper care wood is able to last for hundreds of years without rot or wear, due to its ability to become stronger the more its tested. When you want to enjoy the benefits of wood while reducing wood-related waste, the peel and stick accent wall is a great middleman. The interior design industry generates over $10 billion in revenue every year, according to recent studies. Reclaimed wooden furniture, in particular, has been taking many areas by storm.

Did you know most interior designers recommend updating a room’s decor every five to 10 years? Do some reflecting and think back to the last time you shook up the look of your living room. Peel and stick paneling is the latest craze to hit DIY homeowners, allowing a little more ease in the customization process — you can touch up a few small areas to start with, then go nuts adding interior wood plank walls. Pinterest is a great resource for when your creativity runs dry, with an estimated 14 billion home looks to choose from. Are you more modern or do you prefer a classic, rustic style?

One of the best qualities about wood is how easily it fits into any style. Just take a look at recent data — a 2017 Interior Design Trends survey found one-third of respondents stating they would prefer a neutral color palette when redecorating a home. You can choose rich mahogany or smooth oak to compliment your furniture, carpet, and paintings. Brown is a neutral (which includes varieties like red brown and gray brown), meaning it matches with just about anything. Another survey, this time conducted by Houzz, revealed 50% of homeowners wanting to redecorate in 2018.

You don’t have to become an expert overnight. Step out of your comfort zone and see what a peel and stick accent wall can do to breathe new life into your home. These come in a variety of different textures, colors, and styles — they can be little shiplap planks or longer panels, depending on your needs. Peel and stick wood is meant to last, so only put it where you really want! Minimal upkeep can involve a simple wipedown every few months or some light dusting.

Embrace your potential! What could some peel and stick panels do to shake things up without reaching for a hammer?

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