Solar Installer Offer a Wide Range of Options

This was one of the most challenging drives you have ever made. You came through some of the heaviest rain you have ever witnessed and you skirted the edge of several different severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches. Driving your brother in law’s truck, however, you witnessed something that was nearly as impressive as the weather. The rain, even at its heaviest, whipped by wind was literally flying off the windshield.

Once you arrived safely at your destination you had a chance to look back at the power of the weather that you had encountered on this most recent 12 hour drive. Although you were safe, many others were not. Watching videos and looking at images of the devastation that was caused by these storms, it was easy to realize the power of Mother Nature. Fortunately, there are ways that humans can harness the power of Mother Nature, instead of just falling victim to her powers. The use of solar panels is just one such example. In fact, asking questions about how does solar energy work can help both residential and commercial property owners take advantage of the products offered by a solar panel installation company.

How Does Solar Energy Work in Your Home or Business Energy Plan?

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by both the power of Mother Nature and the speed at which technology is advancing. One way to take control, however, is to do everything that you can to marry these two forces. The continued and expanding use of solar energy. Understanding solar power allows many individuals and businesses to make the most of the power of Mother Nature. Consider some of these facts about the solar panel industry and time impact that it can have on the energy we all depend upon:

  • Although they may have been expensive at first, solar panel costs have fallen 99% since 1977.
  • Not surprising, solar power is the most abundant energy source on Earth.
  • 39% of new electricity production capacity installed in the year 2016 was solar.
  • As more and more states embrace this energy source, North Carolina is currently ranked second in the U.S. for solar panel installation.
  • At their latest production levels, solar panels have known to last more than 30 years of continuous renewable production.
  • Physically larger than the traditional 60 cell modules used in residential systems, the solar panels used in most commercial applications are actually 72 cell panels.

As the news of more and more tornadoes making their way across the country this spring, now seems like the perfect time to make certain that you understand how does solar energy work and how it can be implemented in your home or business energy plan.

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