What a Remodeled Kitchen or Bathroom Might Look Like

Unlike Americans who rent their living spaces in apartments or town homes, today’s homeowners can choose to hire remodeling companies to renovate and update the rooms in their house. Working with remodeling contractors can prove to be highly lucrative, and remodeling the house may prove not only ti make the house more pleasant and fresh, but also serve as a sharp investment in the long run. What is more, a homeowner may hire design build home remodeling companies. What does that mean? Design build contractors may help the homeowner design what the renovated rooms will look like, and what features they will have. Design build contractors will have experience with interior design and the materials involved, and with a design build team’s assistance, a homeowner may expect a fantastic new kitchen or master bathroom. With or without design build assistance, though, homeowners are urged to hire remodeling teams for any project more advanced than repainting the walls.

The Size of the Industry

Tens of millions of Americans are homeowners, and most of them care a great deal about the quality and appearance of their property. Naturally, this leads to a robust industry for home remodeling, and contractors get plenty of work each year. Annually, over 10 million kitchens are remodeled across the United States, and nearly as many master bathrooms are remodeled, too. Other rooms may be updated, such as the living room or master bathroom, or even the basement. The latter can be transformed from a cluttered storage space to a bonus living room or entertainment zone. And in 35% of home remodeling jobs, the entire house is being remodeled.

Who is hiring these design build contractor teams? Most often, it is older Americans aged 55 and over who hire these teams to remodel their houses. Older Americans don’t move as often as younger ones, and would rather invest in their current properties. What is more, these older homeowners have had more time to save up money for large projects such as this, and as a result Baby Boomer homeowners outspend Millennial homeowners three to one. This trend may change in the coming years, though, as Millennials become even more established as adults. Born 1982-1995, these young adults are rapidly becoming a major consumer base in many industries, and many marketers are carefully watching this development. This includes home remodeling, too.

Getting the Job Done

Whether a homeowner is a Millennial or their Baby Boomer parents, the idea is the same: look up local remodeling companies in one’s area, visit their websites, then choose a team to hire for the job. Most remodeling companies will have their own website, with videos, articles, and images to showcase their work.

That’s not all. A homeowner who invests in home remodeling may expect many returns on such a project. Not only will that current homeowner enjoy the results of that remodeling job, but the next homeowner will, too. A remodeled house may sell faster, and for a better price, than a house with no remodeling work since home buyers will find remodeled rooms very attractive. Remodeled kitchens and bathrooms may yield a ROI, or return on investment, as high as 70-80% when a professional remodel job is done. Something similar may be said about landscaping.

The kitchen is a popular room to remodel. Here, crews can remove the old stove, fridge, or even dish washer and replace them with more modern models that have more features in them. Plumbers may remove the old sink and put in a new one, and wood workers may refinish, repaint, or simply replace the cabinet doors. Floor experts, meanwhile, can remove old tiles or linoleum and update those materials as well. Crews may also repaint the walls and update lighting fixtures, and they can remove the old countertop and swap in a tough but attractive model made of granite or marble.

The bathroom may also have its walls and floor updated, and plumbs can do a lot of work here. They can replace the tub and shower, the toilet, and the sink with newer models. New plumbing is often low-flow and water-efficient, meaning that they save on the water bill over time. That, and they simply look more attractive than the old ones.

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