New Doors and Windows Can Make Your Home Safer and More Energy Efficient

Most people take doors and windows for granted, even though they’re some of the most important elements of any building. They protect it from the elements and keep it safe from intruders, while letting in light and air. The right doors and windows contribute to the energy efficiency of the home. They also make a difference to the appearance of any home, giving it character indoors as well as outside. Windows can add elegance to a room when matched with features like crown molding. For all of these reasons, choosing the right doors and windows can be an important decision.

Should you replace your doors and windows?
Replacing your doors and windows can be a major decision. It will impact the appearance of your home as well as its value and its curb appeal. Security and energy efficiency are the two most important considerations when deciding whether or not to get new entry doors and windows, and you should consider if your existing fixtures continue to provide both.
Doors offer security against the elements as well as intruders. It may surprise most homeowners, but as many as 33% of all break-ins happen through a front door. This is why choosing new entry doors can also help boost your home’s overall security. Doors and windows also contribute to the energy efficiency of the home, keeping cooled or heated air indoors and preventing drafts and leaks. If your old fixtures are cracked, leaky, ill-fitting and drafty, you know it’s time to get new ones.

Choosing the right energy efficient windows
When choosing new windows, appearance and energy efficiency can be the most important considerations. From the outside, your new windows should match the style and character of the building. Indoors, the window replacements should likewise coordinate with the design, whether it’s rustic with exposed beams or elegant with chandeliers and crown molding. But as well as appearance, it’s important to choose windows that are energy efficient.
You can get excellent advice about the right energy-efficient windows at your local home hardware store. Drafty windows allow heated or air conditioned air to escape. This can add as much as 10% to 25% to your energy costs. Newer window designs like dual panes can retain twice as much heated or cooled air indoors as older single paned ones. While new windows can be expensive, they are a good investment in the value of your house. New windows can be expected to last for twenty to twenty-five years.

New doors and windows add security and value
Replacing your old and worn out doors and windows makes your home more energy efficient and more secure. New fixtures also add to the curb appeal of your house and increase its value. In fact, the return on your investment in replacing your old door with a new fiberglass one is estimated to be 82.3%.
Both doors and windows can be matched with other home renovation projects. For instance, in rooms with high ceilings, adding crown moldings at the same time as new windows can add a touch of elegance and old-world charm. An exterior paint job with new entry doors can transform the appearance of the house altogether.

Door and windows contribute character, safety and energy efficiency to any building. Replacing your old doors and windows is an investment that will pay off in terms of adding value to your house. It can also give it a look of elegance and charm when combined with other home renovations like adding crown molding and light fixtures.

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