How To Plan A Truly Unique Master Bathroom In Your Home

A home bathroom remodel can be quite the undertaking, and if you want to create a truly unique master bathroom, there are many things to consider. While bathroom remodeling contractors can give you an idea of what can realistically be done given your budget and space, there are a couple of things you can start planning ahead of time to ensure you get the master bath that you’ll love.

How To Plan A Unique Master Bathrooms

Here are a few things to take into consideration while when planning unique master bathrooms.

  • Room Circulation. Pathways throughout your space should be at least thirty-six inches, to best allow for easy navigation. It’s advised to keep at least forty-two inches in front of a sink to ensure that anyone sharing the space with you can easily get around someone washing up. Of course you’ll have to work with what space you have, but if you can, try to stay within these guidelines. It’s also worth considering the placement of things, such as closets or storage cabinets, and if they’ll need to be easy to access on a whim. This leads us to the next point.
  • Placement. There are a couple things to be considered when it comes to placement. Sinks should be placed where they can be easily accessed when coming into the room.
    1. Sinks can be placed freestanding or built into surrounding counter space. Your unique style and usage can help determine which is best for you.
    2. Tubs can serve as focal points, helping direct attention to their elegant design. Try to leave ample space surrounding the tub to ensure easy access and an open feeling.
    3. Showers should be placed so that moisture is contained to the most water resistant areas. This not only helps prevent damage, but it can help give the shower a space of its own that feels more conducive to its use. While you can consolidate the tub and shower, or simply have one or the other, shower spacing is still something important to consider.
    4. Toilets should always be placed out of sight lines, so that they are not the first thing guests see then they walk in or walk by.
    5. Storage space for towels and other necessities should also be considered. If you want to install built-ins, take note of where they would best fit without being intrusive, but still being easily accessible.

    All of these things help create truly unique master bathrooms, and are things to be seriously thought over before going forward with the remodel.

  • Vanities. If you can, use a built-in vanity set up. You may also take advantage of extra drawers and cabinets that can increase your needed storage space. If you can, allow for enough space to place a dressing chair or stool, this will make getting ready in the morning that much more enjoyable.
  • Medicine Cabinets. For the things that we need available on a whim, sometimes a cabinet or draw isn’t good enough. Adding a quick to access medicine cabinet can allow you to have essentials ready to grab whenever you need them.
  • Water Closets. A water closet is a space that is dedicated specifically to your toilet. Not only does this help hide it away, but it can allow you and your spouse to both use the space, without worrying about bearing witness to all of their business. If space allows, a water closet is something to consider.

Unique master bathrooms are something every homeowner dreams about. With the proper planning you can help turn your dream into a reality. The bathroom is a space that you should be able to relax it, and unique master bathrooms, designed specifically to your tastes and needs can help you get the most out of your space.

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