Use these Three Methods to Control Rodents in Your Home

Did you know that every winter 21 million homes in the United States face rodent invasion? Also, studies show that 37% of residents in the U.S have seen a rodent in their homes at least once a year. This means that there is a significant problem, and pest control is essential. It can help you avoid the damage caused by these animals.

Many homes have the issue of pest control due to several problems that rats and mice can cause. These include damage to structures, food contamination, and disease transfer (The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximate that rats and mice spread over 35 diseases, worldwide). Their teeth are powerful, and they can chew through various barriers.

It is not a wonder that millions of dollars are lost every year due to rats and mice destructive activities. You can, however, avoid loss of property by using the right pest control methods. The best approach is to hire rodent removal services. They will even identify the habitat of the small animals and help stop them from reproducing and if necessary exterminate them.

These three methods can help you with pest control:

1. Blocking their entryways

One of the most effective ways of rodent control is to ensure mice and rats do not have entry to your area or house. A proper inspection involves checking crevices, cracks, and all openings. If possible, use cement to seal any gaps that may allow entry of these animals.

Use mesh to cover areas around pipes then use cement to seal them. In the case of wooden doors, you need to install necessary rodent proofing products. Cover all areas with ventilation to prevent their entry.

Your rodent control service should be able to identify the best way to seal the entryways.

2. Cut access from the exterior

Things like excess vegetation, weeds, and trees around your home can be the cause of rodents in your home. For proper pest control, ensure no vegetation is touching your home. If there is tall grass, you should trim it and remove weeds. The best way is to use concrete landscaping or rocks if there is a significant problem with rodents.

There still other solutions that can work for proper pest control. Firewood and other items stored outside should be a few meters above the ground. Feed outdoor pets during the day to ensure that there is no food remains during the nights. Use garbage cans that have lids and tighten the trash bags to ensure rodents do not access garbage.

3. Do away with things attracting rodents in your home

For pest control, sanitation is essential. For example, rats need at least an ounce of food in one night and some water while mice may not need water daily. Do not store food in open cans where they can access. Put the food tight in closed containers and use a refrigerator for storage. Vacuuming the floor can help reduce invasion.

Rodents may attack other parts of your home. For example, cardboard products and paper can be a breeding ground for the animals. Ensure there is no cluttering and avoid storing boxes on the floor. You must also do away with stagnant water on the floor as well as faucets in the bathrooms.

Hiring rodent control experts

The above are some of the first steps to take to keep rodents away from your home. The best method requires a professional approach. When you decide to use baits and traps, you must consider experts- they know the most effective ways of utilizing different methods. Also, using some pest control methods without proper certification can be dangerous. Consider using different pest control methods because a single approach may not be enough to end pests from your home.

If your home has rodents, call in a professional rodent removal service. Professionals with the right experience know what they should and guarantee you years of a rodent-free home.

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