The Many Benefits of Upgrading to Stainless Steel LED Bollard Lights

With the many different interior LED lights available for all buildings, there is much to gain from an upgraded stainless steel LED bollard light that offers both the advantages of LED lighting and the added quality of waterproof materials and production, along with increased illumination that adds safety to outdoor areas. It is a helpful update that many architects have taken on in the design of new buildings or for the updates of existing homes and businesses. Because LED lights are one of the most energy-efficient options overall, the long life-span has led to the creation of other lights both indoors and outdoors.

Definition of Stainless Steel LED Bollard Lights

Stainless steel bollard lights provide increased illumination and are manufactured with formed 316 stainless steel. Used in architecture, stainless steel bollard light heads are affixed to the body of the bollard light with vandal-resistant screws. Because the screws are located on the sides of bollard lights, water cannot corrode or pool around them; this design also prevents water from penetrating the bollard. A gasket between the bollard head and housing acts as another barrier against moisture.

Stainless steel LED bollard lights are used in walkways and entrances, improving the design while also cutting the cost of lighting. They improve illumination for added safety and security and are manufactured with formed 316 stainless steel. Most often an American-made product, stainless steel LED bollard lights are made of premium-quality components, including stainless steel housings, polycarbonate lenses, rubber gaskets, and cast-aluminum mounting plates.

Value of LED Lighting

Most commonly used for reducing energy costs, as well as saving on the number of light bulbs purchased, LED lighting is increasing in use. This offers great potential for added resale value for those locations like homes and warehouses where this will provide future savings for others. Considering the fact that the LED bulb uses about 15% of the energy that a halogen bulb requires, there is much to consider about how long it lasts as well, leading to long-term overall savings. LED work in lamps, fans, and other locations where these same energy savings will be available. And the more LED bulbs used throughout your home, the more energy you save! When it comes to business, exterior lighting can also be integrated into the signs that attract so many customers already.

Value of a Stainless Steel LED Bollard Light

A stainless steel LED bollard is typically used to light walkways and entrances. One of the greatest benefits of the stainless steel LED bollard is the use of the LED light that provides the greatest energy efficiency over other types of lighting. This is even more important because the lights above walkways and in front of entrances are often left running for the longest amount of time, even overnight or at all dark hours. The efficiency of these bulbs helps the most in its use in these locations.

LED Light Fixtures and Types of High-Efficiency Lighting

The simple LED light bulb is not the only energy-efficient option available, with many additional lighting options that are improving the lifespan and cost-saving ability of light bulbs. Available for lighting in various locations, that it takes a little shopping in order to determine the best choice for your home or business. Some of these include:

  • High intensity LED
  • 480v LED
  • LED flood lights
  • LED T8 lamps
  • LED warehouse lighting
  • Low bay induction lighting
  • Solar street lights
  • Off grid lighting
  • Induction parking lot lights

There are LED business signs, LED ceiling lights, LED porch lights, and many more. No matter what lighting you need, there is often an option for LED bulbs to be included, even if you choose to use them in your existing light fixtures.

Energy Efficient Technology for the Home

You have the ability to invest in renewable energy from solar power to wind power and other renewable energy sources that may be available in your area. This means the type of lighting you choose to use in your home is only an additional benefit in cost and energy savings alike. Depending on the energy source you choose, connection to the local power grid may be possible while other times you have an independent power source that is attached to your home or yard directly.

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