When Was the Last Time You Had to Hire a Home Contractor?

This is the list of the items that you are trying to ignore after a failed flooring and mini split AC project in your home:

  • The mess of shavings and saw dust in the music room next to the baby grand piano.
  • The mess of shavings and saw dust like material on the rug in the hearth room.
  • The mess of shavings and saw dust on the newly refinished wood floor near the door to the garage.
  • The mess of shavings and saw dust on the carpet in the guest room.
  • The mess of shavings and saw dust on the carpet in both bedrooms on either side of the walk through bathroom.
  • The dirty shoe prints and trash shavings that littered the steps from the kitchen to the second floor.
  • The dirty shoe prints and small bits of flooring that littered the carpet in the space between the wood flooring by the front entry way and the wood flooring in the kitchen.
  • The dirty shoe prints and small bits of flooring that littered the carpet in the hallway between the two bathrooms that were being worked on upstairs.
  • The two blood stained finger smears on top of the dryer.
  • The two blood stained finger prints on every door that was removed and replaced during the flooring work.
  • The use of the master bath toilet when it was evident that the first floor bathroom toilet was more easily accessible and used.
  • The fact that both the laundry room flooring and the walkthrough bathroom flooring were installed on top of the old vinyl flooring, instead of picking up that flooring as the “most experienced contractor” you sent indicated that is how he starts his jobs.
  • The fact that you wanted the contractor to pick up the walk through bathroom vinyl where the flooring was discolored to confirm that there were no water damage issues that needed to be resolved.

When Home Repair Projects Go Wrong the Mistakes Can be Costly

It is less than a week before Christmas and your two daughters are home from college, one all of the way from Louisiana. Both of the toilet problems were, as per the “most experienced contractor” the box box retailer sent to your house yesterday, likely caused by the fact that the old vinyl was not removed before the installation of the new luxury vinyl tile and the resulting additional height of the flooring. Although you cannot remember exactly the ring, valve, or part the contractor indicated, but the additional height of the floor likely led to the fact that there was not a proper seal or that a part broke.

The blood stains left on the doors in the work areas were troubling. You can only imagine that a corporation the size of this big retailer has some very specific procurers that should be followed in the area of blood pathogens. Accidents happen and small injuries can occur, but the fact that a customer would need to clean up after this problem is troubling to say the least.

You and your husband have learned an expensive lesson: when it comes to home repairs, renovations, or other kind of construction services it is important to make sure you work with licensed contractors and that you check their references. Whether you are installing a new mini split AC or new flooring, the quality of the work will be dependent upon the installation team.

The latest research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates 425,000 people worked as plumbers in 2014. Not all of these providers, however, are the same. Just as the contractors that you hire for mini split AC installation can all come with a different level of experience, so, too, can plumbers. For this reason alone it is important to make sure that you know that check on the references that a contractor provides, as well as online reviews.

A home is the biggest investment many people make, so it is important to make sure that any repairs, renovations, or new projects are of the highest quality so you can maintain, or possibly add, the the value of your home. For instance, as many as 66% of all homes in the U.S, have air conditioners and adding a mini split AC can add to the efficiency of a system.

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