The Ultimate Guide on LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

If you want to illuminate a large indoor space, led high bay light fixtures are your perfect option. Such spaces include factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, and manufacturing plants. They are huge and cover massive vertical and horizontal space. That’s why they require powerful lighting at the right foot-candle levels for adequate light.

However, despite their popularity, most high bay bulbs still use conventional technology that may cost building managers a lot. Using traditional high bay lighting fixture can lead to high energy costs, poor lighting performance, and constant maintenance. You can only address these problems by converting your current lighting from conventional to LEDs.

You may be asking yourself why this is so. LEDs only use 15% of the energy used by standard halogen lights and gives out up to 85% more light.

What is LED Lighting?

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an electrical component containing two electrodes, namely anode and cathode. It is through these electrodes that electricity flow in one direction (flows in via the anode and out via cathode).

Diodes are made of semiconductors such as selenium and silicon. These materials only conduct electricity in some instances and not others, for example, at certain light intensities, current levels, and voltages decrease. If some current is passed through the device, it emits light.

Why Use led high bay light fixtures?

Energy Savings

The main reason why you need LED lighting for your facility is energy savings. High powered led lighting fixtures consume between 95-495 watts. On the other hand, the traditional halogen bulbs consume between 175-1000 watts.

For that reason, if you convert to LED fixtures, you instantly reduce your energy consumption by at least 40 to 60 percent. If you convert this into dollars, you will save up to $300 per fixture every year on electricity costs. And depending on your facility size, such amounts can positively impact your total operational costs.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

If you convert to LEDs, you will notice a drastic reduction in the maintenance costs of your lighting fixtures. This is because LEDs are designed to generate light. Instead of failing to properly function once the source fuel goes off or is reduced, LEDs tend to reduce the light slowly before finally going off. As a result, the lifespan of LED lighting is slightly longer than its conventional counterpart. Hence, it reduces the required cost of maintenance. Furthermore, LED lights do not contain the traditional heating element fixture that is found in traditional bulbs. In most cases, this is what usually fails or burns out, leading to a need for replacement.

Lighting Performance

Lighting performance is another critical factor to consider when planning to switch into another type of lighting. In terms of performance, LEDs are way above their counterparts.

LED high bay light fixtures use a multi-point design, which means they are designed to distribute light evenly. Additionally, LEDs are available in a wide array of correlated color temperatures (CCTs). As a result, you can increase or decrease the brightness as you desire.

On the other hand, traditional lightings give a bright spot directly under the fixture. And brightness decrease as the distance between two lamps increases.

What Should You Consider Before You Convert Your Lighting Fixtures Into LEDs?

First, you need a solution-focused LED lighting provider who can obtain your desired results. Before the invention of LEDs, facility owners and managers evaluated high bay lightings based on cost. They assumed that all industrial, warehouse, gym, and commercial lighting fixtures were equal in terms of quality. This is not the same case with LEDs.

Your supplier should ask about your project goals. For instance, are there lighting performance requirements, energy reduction targets, budget constraints, and many more. He or she also needs to understand your desired outcome, since high bay LEDs are not equal.

In Conclusion

LEDs have hugely transformed the lighting industry, and the applications of the technology are unlimited. Hence, installing LED high bay light fixtures in your facility can help save energy, improve lighting performance, as well as decrease the need for lighting maintenance.

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