How Often Do I Need to Pump My Septic Tank?

Are you a homeowner that owns a septic tank? If you are, then you’re probably familiar with the maintenance that goes along with owning a septic tank. One question many septic tank owners have though is how often do you need to hire a cesspool pumper to clean out your septic tank?

Although you can never have your septic tank pumped enough, it’s difficult to gauge exactly when it’s time to perform that maintenance. One tip for when it’s time to utilize a cesspool pumper is when the tank is 20% to 25% solids.

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The problem is without physically looking into the tank, there’s no way to make that measurement. Some small ways to get an idea of how much waste might be in your septic is to account for how many people are in the house. Another way to gauge when it’s time to clear the tank is to look back at the last time you had the tank emptied. The only way to be sure of this though is to hire a company to open up the tank for you so that you can know exactly how much waste is in your septic system.

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