How To Build The Most Modern Underground Swimming Pools

In this video, you will see a pool builder in rural India attempt to build a modern underground swimming pool in the forest from scratch. Most impressive is that the pool builder uses primitive tools like a wood digging tool to dig up the soil and use his bare hands to remove excess dirt as he digs deeper. The builder also uses a blade attached to a piece of wood to scrape and smoothen the edges of the pool walls.

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You will hear calming forest sounds like chirping birds as you watch this builder work under the blazing sun to create staircases in the deep round hole. He will still use his hands throughout excess soil as he curves out long rectangular pillars along the pool walls. As the days end and start again, watch as he creates little shelves, big enough to keep a candle or little light. He curves these palm-sized holes in the staircase, too, and always uses his bare hands to throw out excess soil.
This mesmerizing video will have you watching from start to end, waiting and watching how he uses primitive tools to curve and create a fantastic underground pool that even you will want to swim in and enjoy!

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