Large Loss – Water Damage Restoration Process

This video will show what exactly happens when a boiler falls of a 32-floor building causing a fire damage. All the things ranging from examination of the place to finding a solution to make things right is mentioned in the video. To find out more, watch the full video.

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A boiler breakdown caused a big flood for one of the clients of the crew in September. A huge amount of water damage had already been done within an hour of our team being notified and arriving.
Water soaked into the walls, floors, and even the emergency stairs, causing significant damage to residents and building staff.
This video shows how the crew began water extraction, moisture mapping, and documentation as soon as they arrived. They removed the baseboards and double-layered drywall to physically investigate water in the steel stud C – Channels to guarantee they detected all spots of moisture. They also looked for mold, lead, and asbestos in the structure.
The teams worked diligently for weeks to dry all 32 floors and reintroduce homeowners to their homes.
To find out more about the fire damage in the building you need to watch the full video. For more informative content, keep on watching.

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