Summer Sun and Shades

With summer well on its way, we are all looking forward to shorts, swimming, and the wonderful sunshine. Though sun is something we often take for granted, it is what makes summer so, well, summer-ey! Since it’s only spring, there is plenty of time to prepare for sun-filled parties, outdoor barbecues, and restful naps in the shade. Investing in awnings and patio coverings can make your deck more manageable in the glaring sun. To prevent sunburn and eye damage, you need to have adequate shades.

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This video shows 13 cool shade solutions for your deck this year.

Custom retractable awnings are some of the most popular shading solutions for outdoor decks and closed screen houses. With a push of a button, you can block down the sun and shelter the eyes of you and your party guests. If you have outdoor tables, umbrellas are another good option. Certain umbrellas can be installed and fitted with remotes. This way, you can rotate the umbrella whichever direction the sun is shining. Shade sails bring an element of modern decor to your lawn, while providing a place to rest and picnic outside of the harmful rays. With so many choices of awnings and patio coverings, your summer is sure to be sunny, but not too sunny!


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