Is the RTEX-18 Worth the Hype?

If you are in the home improvement sphere, chances are that you have some experience with water heaters, whether it’s fixing your own or replacing it completely. Water heaters are essential in any home and business, so it’s useful to know the newest and best products on the market. As water heating technology is constantly evolving, several buyers are now investing in tankless water heaters. These small but powerful devices are taking the water heating market by storm, but are they really that much greater than traditional tanks? The rtex-18 has been hailed by many as the best water heating option, and this video shares a review of how it has reached such a notable status in the home improvement community.

First off, the rtex-18 offers quick, continuous hot water to either a single point-of-use or multiple applications, ensuring that you get reliable hot water wherever you need it. The heating elements are built for incredible durability, but are also threaded for easy replacement if need be.

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The water flow rate for the rtex-18 is 4.4 GPM, and it runs off of 18,000 watts. Finally, it has an unmatchable self-modulation feature to meet your water demand without manual adjustment.


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