Great Custom Home Ideas

Wondering how to make your new custom home design the best on the block? Whether you’re searching for cool things to include when building a house or interesting ways to increase home value, check out the list below for ideas on how to make your space stand out!

When entering the front door, you want your guests to be wowed, so make sure your entryway is unique, welcoming and custom by selecting statement pieces for your hardware and light fixtures. Perhaps consider custom built in shelves and nooks.

Traditionally called a “Butler’s Pantry” in older homes and mansions, a catering kitchen is a small preparation station off the main kitchen and eating area where you or anyone helping can work to prepare things during events while staying out of the way.

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Dedicate a room entirely to free up your family room from the chaos and fun of gaming. Keep all of your activities and electronics out in the middle of high-traffic areas. A game room can contain big items like pinball, shuffleboard and ping pong tables and a big television for gaming.

Everyone needs a quiet cocoon in which to relax, reflect, and recharge. We love the trend that is to develop a luxurious space that mirrors what you enjoy when staying at a high-end hotel. If you can afford the best when you’re abroad, you definitely deserve it at home.


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