Avoid These Common Garage Organization Mistakes!

Garages are usually neglected areas, often piled high with unused items. Organizing your garage provides you with enough storage and parking space. You can either hire a garage organization service or spare time to clear it out. The video highlights mistakes to avoid when organizing your garage.

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Use the following tips.

  • Empty the Garage

    Clear out the garage completely so you can clean it and think about how to organize it differently.

  • Wearing Protective Gear

    Wear protective gear as there are sharp tools and items and to protect yourself from dust when cleaning.

  • Allow Enough Time

    Make enough time to organize the garage.

  • Get Rid of Unwanted Items

    Get rid of items you don’t need, to make space.

  • Decide How to Use Space

    It can be a workshop, small gym, craft area, etc.

  • Clearance Space

    Ensure there’s enough space to walk and open car doors. Hang tools and use overhead racks. Ensure you have the right number of hooks and storage bins.

  • Easy Access

    There should be easy access to certain tools like snow shovels.

  • Once the garage is organized, ensure you have enough parking space. A garage organization service will know how to organize your garage efficiently.


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