Which Professionals Should You Hire Before Getting Ready to Sell Your Home?

If you’ve lived in your home for several years and feel like it’s time for a fresh start, then selling it is a great way of funding your new purchase or, if you’re retiring, your retirement. One of the things that’ll be on your mind is, ‘How can I make the most profit?” Scheduling a home remodeling consultation is a great place to start. During the meeting, here are some of the professionals they’ll recommend.

1. Roofing Companies

The condition of your roof will be high on the priority list for any potential buyer; you can be sure of that. Roofing work, whether installation, repairs, or maintenance, is one of the most costly expenses for homeowners. That’s why when you have a professional over for a home remodeling consultation, one of the professionals they’ll advise you to hire will include local residential roofing companies.

To make the most from the sale, going the DIY route is a smart decision, but there are some benefits you can only enjoy when you hire professional roofers. For instance, they have all the necessary equipment for installing and repairing roofs. If you choose to do the job yourself, you’ll have to improvise, which is a recipe for disaster. Even worse, you might need to go out and acquire every piece of equipment required for the job, which isn’t cheap considering you’ll only use them occasionally.

Another benefit of working with a professional roofer is that you’ll typically sign a contract before the job begins, which is good. This document will highlight the project’s terms and conditions. This includes everything from deadlines to cost estimates. Each party to a contract has the right to file a lawsuit if something goes wrong.

2. Paving Companies

During your home remodeling consultation, you should also expect the pros to recommend repaving your driveway. There are some valid reasons for this. One of the most notable and most relevant to your situation is a new driveway or parking lot will significantly add to your home’s resale value.

It’ll also make it easier to sell your home as buyers will see that they won’t have to invest in new paving shortly after purchasing the home. The increase in value will also result from the improved curb appeal. Because home remodelers know how complicated repaving can be, they’ll advise you to hire a driveway paving service. You’ll enjoy several benefits when you do this.

One of these is a professional paver who knows what they’re doing. This means they’ll do the job right on the first try. Attempting this home remodeling task yourself could end up in a disaster.

For instance, improper grading while paving might cause the pavement to crack, necessitating expensive repairs in the future. Professionals typically offer a warranty on their work, so you can have it fixed free of charge if something goes wrong. All you have to do is give them a call and explain your case.

Professionals also have more resources. Unless you’re a paver by profession, you won’t have the necessary contacts to complete the job efficiently. The only way to develop these contacts is by being in the business for several years. A professional paving company will have a network of contacts, so they’ll know where to source high-quality materials, including lumber, concrete, and other structural materials, for the best prices.

Another benefit of hiring a paving contractor is they can complete the job faster than you would. Pavers often work in groups and have access to all necessary materials and equipment. In most cases, they can typically design and finish a task faster than you can obtain the necessary permits.

3. Countertop Companies

You want to sell your home for the highest possible price. Installing new countertops with the help of countertop installation services will increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Buyers are looking for visually appealing and functional countertops because they’re one of the most important components of any kitchen. A good-looking countertop will ensure your home appears at the top of listings. This could also help your house sell for a higher price than similar homes.

The prospective purchasers you draw will put much effort into purchasing the home within their means. Your goal as the homeowner should be to sell it for the highest price possible. Having the upper hand in negotiations will ensure you sell the property quickly and profitably. The National Association of Home Builders claims that 62% of millennials desire granite or natural stone countertops, so by getting new countertops, you’ll likely have the bargaining power when it comes time to sell.

A comfortable home is an appealing home. Installing new countertops is an effective way of improving the comfort and livability of your home while enhancing your kitchen’s functionality. This can make a big difference when you finally put your home on the market. You’ll likely be told this during your home remodeling consultation.

4. Fence Companies

Your home’s marketability can suffer if your fence is completely greyed out, overgrown with trees, or falling down. Even if it doesn’t directly lower the property’s value, it could make it more difficult for you to sell. If similar properties in your area have updated their fences, having a fence company recommend the best option for you is in your best interest.

If your fence’s structural integrity is still in good condition but has greyed wood, they may suggest staining. With this solution, you can instantly restore your fence’s aesthetic appeal. Staining will also protect the wood, extending the useful life of your wood.

A professional will likely tell you to get a replacement if the fence’s primary structure has extensive issues. Luckily, they can help you navigate your material options to ensure you get the best one. While a chain link fence is affordable, it won’t give your home the boost in curb appeal it needs when it comes time to sell.

If you want an upgrade from that, go for wood fencing. It looks fantastic in almost all settings. Vinyl fencing is a great option for durability, but it’ll cost you more. While it might not be the best option for someone seeking to sell their house, you should consider it for your new house! Weigh the cost and aesthetic appeal of your options before settling on one.

5. Tree Pruning Companies

More homebuyers are looking for homes with some surrounding greenery. By having trees on your property, you can increase your home’s value, and the more they grow, the more they add to it. So if you’re thinking of selling your home in the next three years, you should start planting now. When it comes time to sell, you should contact tree pruning services to ensure they give you the most ROI.

Trees that have been expertly pruned can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. This might improve the likelihood of selling your home faster and for a higher price. If you believe your messy yard is scaring away prospective buyers rather than luring them in, seriously consider investing in a landscaping service.

Doing so will transform the aesthetic appeal of your green areas to make them entice potential buyers. Note that your home’s exterior will be a top consideration for those considering buying your home. Before you can lure them inside, they’ll need to be drawn to the outside; something you’ll hear during the home remodeling consultation.

6. HVAC Companies

You need to do many things before listing your house on the market to ensure it sells fast and for a fair price. It’s important to apply a fresh coat of paint, maintain a tidy yard, and clean everything until it sparkles. However, ensuring your HVAC system is in good condition is even more important. After all, purchasers know that installing a new HVAC system or hiring an HVAC repair service isn’t cheap and is definitely not something they’d prefer to do shortly after buying the house.

Ideally, you should have been having a professional inspect and run maintenance on your system once or twice a year. If so, gather your maintenance records and make them available to potential purchasers. These documents will support your claims that your HVAC system is reliable and will reach its expected lifespan.

Regardless of whether you’ve previously had preventative maintenance, you should unquestionably have your HVAC system examined, cleaned, and serviced before listing your house for sale. If everything is found to be in working condition, documentation of the inspection findings and the maintenance performed will also give potential buyers some reassurance. If the inspection reveals issues that require repairs, inquire whether it makes more sense to schedule repairs or a replacement during the home remodeling consultation.

Another somewhat cheap option to increase value for purchasers is to enroll in a maintenance plan that’s transferable with the house. They’ll be confident they have someone they can count on in case their new home’s HVAC system experiences problems.

7. Lawn Care Companies

A professional remodeler will tell you that hiring professional lawn care services is one of the most economical methods of improving your home’s curb appeal during your home remodeling consultation. For most purchasers, purchasing a home is a visual experience. Most individuals find it difficult to picture how a property would look after renovations. That’s why you always hear the importance of first impressions in the real estate market.

A buyer can get a sense of how well-kept the remainder of the property is by looking at the grass. In his book Blink, author Malcolm Gladwell discusses this phenomenon. He makes a compelling argument that humans make critical judgments in the blink of an eye.

Even before a buyer visits your house for viewing, they’ll have looked at the listing online, and the exterior facade is usually a major consideration. Most buyers won’t bother to look at more pictures if they’re not impressed. Buyers’ willingness to pay for a property is typically influenced by the amount of work that must be done to it after purchase.

Buyers are more likely to make a higher offer on a house if they see that the inside and exterior are in good condition than they would for one that’s not been well cared for. With this in mind, you can see how you can benefit from enlisting the help of landscaping companies.

8. Siding Companies

Your home’s siding protects against fire, water, pests, and other hazards brought on by exposure to the elements. Before listing, you could profit from replacing the siding if it is seriously damaged. If the siding is simply old and has a few minor problems, on the other hand, minor repairs from a siding contractor will do.

So, besides severe damage, why would a professional tell you to replace your siding during your home remodeling consultation? Increasing your home’s value is one of the key justifications. In comparison to other improvement projects, siding offers an outstanding return on investment. Remodeling magazine estimates that you would typically get a 77.6% ROI on this installation, which can increase even more for some materials.

9. Chimney Companies

When selling a home, most homeowners overlook the condition of their chimney, and that’s a mistake you don’t want to make. According to the National Fire Protection Association-211 Code Book, professionals must inspect your chimney before selling and transferring your property. Besides that, addressing necessary chimney repairs could hasten the sale of your home.

When you consider that chimney specialists usually discover numerous issues that need to be fixed during an inspection, getting your chimney ready for sale is important and in your best interest. If prospective buyers are informed about the need for chimney repairs during the process, it may raise questions about what other aspects of the home may be deteriorating. Several possible issues may arise if a chimney has been ignored, which would undoubtedly raise red flags for a prospective buyer. Even if repairs aren’t necessary, you can still benefit from the services of chimney cleaning companies.

10. House Cleaning Companies

Everybody’s definition of ‘clean’ is unique. While you may not mind a bit of dust, potential buyers may want a pristine home before considering an offer. Others may even be clean freaks. Your chances of impressing even the most picky investors increase with how nice your property looks.

That’s why your home remodeler will recommend a house cleaning service during your home remodeling consultation. On your own, it’s challenging to maintain a degree of cleanliness that makes your house look brand new, but with the help of a qualified team and frequent sessions, you can make your home look like it’s just been constructed. Professional cleaners are skilled at handling the minor spills and cracks you would overlook.

The home market is a competitive one. The smallest details can instantly turn off a buyer; it’s like today’s dating scene. You’ll need to perform a few home improvements with the help of professionals to increase your chances of selling faster and for the best price. Here are some of the companies that may be recommended during your home remodeling consultation.

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