13 Tips on Affordable Home Repairs for a Quick Home Sale

If you intend to sell your home, you should know that the real estate market is quite competitive. There’ll always be other options for buyers. Luckily, you can do a few things before contacting residential movers to move your stuff out of the home to help it sell faster once it hits the market. Here are some affordable home repairs you should consider.

1. Ensure the Utilities are in Good Working Condition

Imagine a potential buyer visiting your home and discovering issues with the plumbing system. This will undoubtedly leave a bad impression regarding the other utilities as well. Before putting your property on the market, you’re advised to inspect all utilities to verify they’re functioning properly.

Some of the utilities you’ll want to pay attention to include each room’s electricity supply, electricity ports, lighting, essential wiring, water supply, backflow testing and backflow replacement, garbage disposal, sewage facilities, and don’t forget about the internet. While they may seem insignificant from your perspective, potential buyers value them highly. Include these utilities in your list of affordable home repairs to increase your chances of a quick sale.

2. Switch Out Your Kitchen’s Appliance Panels

The kitchen is the heartbeat of any home. It’s where you cook delicious foods, enjoy meals with family, and entertain guests for the most part. Potential buyers will pay extra attention to the kitchen, so ensure you give the kitchen a fresh and reorganized look. However, this doesn’t imply you should spend all your savings on kitchen remodeling.

Simple upgrades and modifications to the countertops, cabinets, or appliance panels will appeal to buyers who want a customized kitchen. Replace your old dishwasher to match your stainless steel refrigerator and stove. Match the cabinets with the fridge panels. Such projects don’t cost much but will enhance the space’s aesthetic, making a great addition to your list of affordable home repairs.

3. Update Lighting Fixtures

When selling your home, updating the lighting and fixtures, especially if they’re dented, faded, or scratched, will help to a great extent. Check everything from your bathroom’s candelabrums, the entry light, and the pendants in your dining room, and update them if necessary. Switching out the entrance light and adding some green plants will instantly give your home a modernized touch. Brighter lighting, new bulbs, and adding floor or table lamps, etc., would illuminate the shadowy areas and give your home a finished look

4. Work On the Trees

Trees can significantly add value to your home. With proper maintenance, they look healthy and vibrant. However, if they’re overgrown, damaged, or generally in poor condition, they’ll detract from the appeal of your property. As a result, it could take a long time for your home to sell, and likely not for the price you want.

Before posting any listings of your home, hire a tree service. These professionals will inspect the trees in your yard and recommend the best solution to ensure they’re ready for viewing. Some affordable home repairs they may suggest are tree trimming or removal, pruning, or simple cleaning to spruce them up. While the extra cost may make you tempted to DIY this project, you’re better off hiring professionals to do the work for you.

Caring for your trees may seem like a simple task. However, even if you feel the task is straightforward, it can be risky for someone who’s never dealt with dangerous trees. Most tree service professionals have specialized equipment and employ strategic techniques to guarantee the task is completed safely. These businesses use ropes, pulley systems, and special tree-cutting methods to prevent accidents or property damage. They also bring dumpster rentals for the waste that’s produced.

Another benefit of working with the pros is they typically hold insurance. Unfortunately, accidents may still arise despite your best efforts to do the job safely. If you attempt to remove your tree, you risk being held responsible for any damage caused by falling branches or injuries. Tree service companies are required to hold special insurance policies.

These policies cover any costs arising from accidents or damage the business may cause while executing the job. Besides protecting them from financial liability, it’ll also protect you and your home. You won’t have to foot the bill for any damages.

5. Address the Garage Door’s Needs

You must take care of several small details before your house goes up for sale. One of the things that’s easy to overlook in your list of affordable home repairs is your garage door. It’s a bit ironic because they’re very hard to miss, but you want your to look immaculate when potential buyers start streaming in.

If it’s still in optimal working condition but has a few minor aesthetic blemishes or gashes, you may only need to perform repairs rather than getting a replacement. Repairing costs far less than a new door and still resolves the issue of your property looking neglected. Consider replacing your garage door opener if it’s noisy or moves slowly. A properly working garage door can help you sell your home.

If your garage door is outdated, doesn’t function properly, or is too damaged for practical residential garage door repairs, you’ll have to get a new one. While it’ll cost you more, you’ll have the freedom to choose from the myriad of styles, materials, and colors available today to create a whole new look. It’s a great way to spruce things up without undertaking extensive work.

6. Clean the Chimney

If your property has a chimney, enlist the services of chimney cleaning companies as part of your affordable home repairs before prospective buyers come through. Serious buyers will arrange a home inspection once you accept their offer to purchase the property. A dirty chimney will undoubtedly be included in the house inspection report, which benefits the buyer by offering a justification for lowering their offer.

For some buyers, a filthy chimney is an immediate turn-off. The main reason for this is it leaves the impression that the rest of the home’s maintenance needs have been neglected. Regardless of how well off a person is, they won’t want to spend more money after purchasing the home. Knowing your chimney is clean and ready for use for the new homeowners will make you confident about selling your home.

The ROI of this maintenance task is worth every penny. According to the National Association of Realtors, a fireplace raises your home’s value by 12%. However, this goes down if the chimney hasn’t received adequate maintenance.

7. Replace the Windows

According to a 2021 National Association of Homebuilders study, 83% of prospective homeowners said ENERGY STAR windows were necessary or desirable. Energy efficiency is a major selling point since purchasers don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on an inefficient home that incurs high monthly energy costs. Most buyers would also rather avoid the inconvenience of replacing their own windows.

Older windows are less efficient and often have other issues that would negatively affect a home inspection. Given the option of a home with outdated windows vs. one that costs somewhat more but has modern, energy-efficient replacement windows, most people will choose the turnkey option. New windows boost a home’s energy efficiency and give it a modern aesthetic. Buyers who aren’t ready to perform any renovations after the purchase will appreciate the effort from your end.

8. Install New Gutters

Buyers will notice your gutters from the road as they pull up to the driveway. If they’re outdated, saggy, or damaged, they’ll likely assume the house is in poor condition, and that’s not the first impression you want them to have. Poor gutters may deter potential purchasers from even entering your home! Getting new gutters as part of your affordable home repairs in this situation is unquestionably a sensible move.

A new set of gutters can transform a drab, outdated, or otherwise boring facade into an aesthetically pleasing one. This is particularly true if new constructions are nearby or other houses in the neighborhood have recently been renovated. Look at the competition in your area to determine who you’re up against. To ensure you’re not overshadowed by the competition, install new gutters with the help of a professional gutter installation company.

9. Remove Mold

You may not want to face it, but mold always points to a big problem in the home. As the seller, you’ll have to go through a home inspection, and if mold is present, potential buyers will see that in the results. Sometimes, they’ll spot the signs of mold during the open house and leave. Even if a buyer doesn’t have respiratory complications, mold is still a common reason for those who back out.

Besides the health risks, it affects the house’s structural integrity. Remedying this problem is a cost purchasers, especially first-timers, don’t want to incur when buying a property. If you don’t address the issue, you may be forced to accept a much lower price. Hire a professional local mold removal service to help you get rid of the mold so you can sell at the proper value.

10. Repaint Your Home

First impressions play a crucial role when selling your home. The finest staging efforts or new appliances can’t compensate for deteriorated or outdated interior paint. As part of your affordable home repairs, a new coat of paint will make your house look cleaner, giving it a welcoming atmosphere. Different buyers will have different personal tastes.

Giving the home a blank canvas will help prospective buyers envision how it will look once they add furniture pieces and unique touches to the design. So, go for neutral shades. Ivory, gray, or beige help open up smaller spaces and make them appear larger. A fresh coat will rid the walls of scratches or dirt marks, which will benefit your sale.

Removing the wallpaper is also a good idea as it tends to give a house an antiquated appearance. Besides, removing wallpaper is a difficult process. Buyers don’t want to spend the initial days in their new home stripping paper off the wall.

11. Upgrade the Flooring and Carpets

Don’t forget to add the flooring and carpets to your list of affordable home repairs. No one will want to buy your house with stained floors and stinky carpets. So, depending on your financial capabilities, you can either clean the floorings and carpets or replace them.

Pay closer attention to places with high traffic, such as living rooms, dining rooms, and family rooms, as these spaces are more likely to have stains on their carpets. If you have wood floors, use a wood floor buffer machine to clean them thoroughly. Use wood stain markers, readily available at your local hardware shop, to remove scratches or stains from markers and pencils.

12. Gather and Update Your Title Papers and Documents

As you perform affordable home repairs to the property’s structure, remember to gather the property papers and documents and update them before inviting purchasers to your home. When making the contract, the paperwork will be scrutinized. You may encounter issues during the process if they’re not checked, well-managed, or clear. So, to make the process simple for both parties, review all the relevant documents before selling your property.

These include the encumbrance certificate, society documentation, sanctioned plan, sale deed, letter of allotment, and sale agreement. If you need to perform any repairs or updates, address them immediately to avoid future delays. Without the relevant titles, most buyers will choose to look at other homes even if your house looks good and impressive.

13. Depersonalize Your Home

After staying in your home for a while, you’ll have accumulated a lot of personal items that make it unique to you. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, when trying to sell your home, you must depersonalize the property before listing it so potential buyers can find it easier to imagine themselves living there and feeling at home. To objectify the house, start by removing all your family photos from the walls, shelves, and tabletops.

It’s also a good idea to take down any artwork from your children and grandchildren and box trophies, ribbons, and memorabilia. For your bathroom toiletries, store them in vanity drawers or linen closets. Clear the tables next to the bed, but you can leave the night lamp, clock, and flowers if there are any. Be careful not to damage the walls as you depersonalize

When you list your home, you want to sell for the highest price possible and fast. For this, you’ll have to put in some work. Consider the affordable home repairs in this article and implement the ones that appeal to you.

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