The Best Home Improvement Projects With High ROI

If you’ve decided to remodel part of your home, you can use your money wisely by considering how your remodeling results could increase the value of your home. This concept is known as ROI (return on investment) and refers to how a future buyer of your home may perceive the remodeled features. Here are some home improvement resources that are likely to bring a good ROI:

Countertop Replacement

When a potential buyer is looking at a home, the kitchen is often one of the most influential rooms in their decision. One type of remodeling that will benefit you now and add considerable value to your home is to replace your kitchen countertop. According to Zero Down, a quality new countertop will bring an average ROI of 60 – 80%. Potential buyers typically prize durability and easy maintenance when evaluating kitchen countertops.

When planning how to invest your home remodeling resources and looking for durability, remodeling homeowners often select quartz, porcelain, and stone countertops. All of these natural materials provide durability combined with a range of patterns and colors. Quartz is scratch-resistant and will also withstand heat. Quartz is also one of the hardest materials on earth.

If you want a specific type of countertop, choosing custom countertop installations will often result in a good ROI. However, although custom designs can often seem attractive to the homeowner, potential home buyers are more likely to prefer more conventional styles. One popular countertop choice is butcher block. Butcher block is popular because wooden countertops offer an attractive and easy-to-clean choice with good ROI.

Cabinet Installation

While potential buyers are in the kitchen, they’ll also look at the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are so influential because when potential buyers see a kitchen, they often wonder how their own dishes would look there. According to Next Day Floors, a well-made kitchen cabinet can produce 80-100% ROI. To get that ROI, many homeowners use their home remodeling resources to choose wooden cabinets.

Wooden kitchen cabinets provide a classic appearance, durability, ease of use, and easy maintenance. The many types of wood available for cabinets come in a range of different colors. All the colors of wood typically blend seamlessly with many types of decor.

For a completely different look, some homeowners prefer metal kitchen cabinets. Metal is an ideal choice for a kitchen with either brightly colored paint or a black color scheme. Metal provides an additional advantage of a perception of security, as metal evokes an image of a vault. If you prefer a unique choice for custom cabinet designs, one of the newest trends is cabinets with glass doors.

Roof Installation

Wise homeowners know the value of a good roof, so they can understand how a good roof remodel can contribute to ROI. Potential homeowners want the peace of mind of a quality roof. According to Peak Construction Roofing, asphalt and metal are the two types of roofing materials most likely to bring a good ROI. The same source projects an ROI of 60.7% for asphalt and 56.1% for metal roots.

Asphalt is typically the first material envisioned when planning how to allocate home remodeling resources to get a new roof. Asphalt’s popularity means there will be more contractors available with experience using it. Asphalt is not expensive and it’s easy to maintain. Although black asphalt is the most frequently used color, it is also available in other colors and can be arranged in a pattern.

Metal roofs are also popular for many reasons. Due to its reflective surface, metal is very useful for temperature control. Some states offer Energy Star rebates for metal roofs that display the Energy Star label. Most metal roof contractors can tell you if you’d be eligible for that rebate.

Solar Panel Installation

When planning your roof replacement with ROI in mind, why not go a step further and invest in solar panels? Contacting one of the local solar panel companies is a wise choice for homeowners interested in eco-friendly options and promises a good ROI. Solar panels will also save you money on your energy bill, over time.

According to Forbes, a solar panel installation will typically yield a 10% ROI. Additionally, solar panel installation can make you eligible for tax credits. A potential home buyer would be thrilled to see solar panels already installed because it saves the installation cost and gives them energy savings. The prospect of energy savings over time can be a powerful incentive to potential home buyers.

You may wonder if solar panels are a good use of your home remodeling resources if you live in colder climates. These panels are a good idea for any environment because they use available light rather than heat. Since sunshine is available all year long, it can be transformed into heat for the home. You may be interested to know that snowy days can also be useful for solar panels because the sun reflects off the white snow.

Flooring Installation

According to LinkedIn, a remodeled floor can bring a 70-150% ROI. Durability is one of the most influential factors when choosing flooring materials. Therefore, the three most popular choices have consistently been wood, vinyl, and carpet. When allocating their home remodeling resources for flooring, many homeowners opt for carpet because it’s soft and gives a lush appearance.

Hardwood floors can provide a classic, beautiful look. Potential home buyers will appreciate the beauty and solidity of a wooden floor. If you want a new look for your home but want to save money, you could opt for a refinished wood floor. This would give your home a similar stately appearance.

Tile vinyl flooring is also a popular flooring choice with good ROI. Vinyl tile is popular because of its low price and a wide variety of options in colors and patterns. Vinyl also has the advantage of being easy to clean. Vinyl is a suitable choice for every room in the home.

Window Replacement

The windows in a home provide protection, temperature control, and a view of the outdoors. They also add to the appearance of the house. According to Glass Doctor, when you choose to replace your windows, you can receive an average of 73% ROI. Residential window replacement will provide you with a tighter seal and additional protection against drafts for your home.

According to Credit Karma, one of the wisest uses of your home remodeling resources for replacing new windows is vinyl. New vinyl windows can prevent heat loss from the home. Vinyl windows are available in many styles, which are appropriate for any home decoration style. If you can’t afford to replace your windows at present, there are other measures you can take to upgrade them and increase ROI.

For example, you can replace the caulking and weather stripping. Instead of new windows, buying window coverings like Roman shades can allow you to regulate the amount of sunlight entering the room. You can apply the same principle to the exterior of your home by purchasing awnings.

Pool Building

With summer arriving soon, some homeowners may consider buying a pool. You will be happy to know that installing a pool is a good use of home remodeling resources. According to 386 Real Estate, adding a pool to your home can bring over 50% ROI for the homeowner. The ROI percentage increases when the house is in a warm climate.

If you are considering a pool, you may wonder what aspects of a pool will increase your ROI. For example, the design of the pool is a factor. A contemporary design can transform your backyard into a staycation paradise. The availability of swimming – especially in a warm climate – provides joy for family and friends.

Some homeowners also install a jacuzzi or a fountain to enhance their enjoyment of the pool. You can also install an area around the pool with tile, umbrellas, and lounge chairs. Homeowners who contact their local custom pool builders for a pool installation should know that building a fence around the pool area will be essential. The fence is necessary for safety, and some municipalities will have specific regulations about the size of the fence.

Garage Door Installation

Although your garage isn’t part of your home, the garage door is a factor in your home’s ROI. This is because a garage door is one of the features that provide curb appeal. You may be interested to know that, according to Overhead Door Arkansas, replacing the garage door is one of the most cost-effective exterior projects you can undertake. The same source states that the ROI could be as high as 103%.

Adding a security camera may be your best choice if you are investing your home remodeling resources in a new garage door. This increased security will allow a prospective homeowner to look forward to living in a home with remote protection. Another feature that is sure to attract buyers’ attention is a remote garage door opener. Even a minor detail like that can be an incentive to a home buyer.

Regarding appearance, one of the most popular garage door styles is using monochromatic horizontal wooden planks to create an attractive wooden door. If you prefer a pattern, you could choose wooden squares and create an attractive checkerboard pattern. Some homeowners prefer a metal garage door due to its strength and weatherproof qualities. The contractor at your local garage door company may have other ideas about what you can do to increase ROI with garage door improvements.

Tree Removal

If your home has a tree that needs to be removed from your yard or a stump left over from tree removal. Consider contacting your local tree removal services. According to Monster Tree Removal Services, removing diseased trees can improve their appearance and protect the tree’s disease from spreading to the rest of the yard. If a dying tree falls, it may fall on your house or car. Home remodeling resources may also improve your yard’s ROI by removing trees in dangerous locations.

When a tree removal company comes to your home, the arborist (tree expert) will examine the trees to determine which needs removal. If the tree is far away enough from buildings, the workers can chop it down. Chopping down an entire tree is known as “felling.” For trees close to buildings, the arborist will climb the tree.

When the arborist climbs the tree, they often take a cable. The cable is used after the arborist cuts branches, and it will lower the branches to the ground safely. After removing the branches, the arborist divides the trunk into sections to take it down. The stump is permanently removed last.

Landscape Improvement

Your landscaping will add to your home’s curb appeal and enhance its exterior appearance. If you work with a landscape design company, you can change your backyard to improve your ROI. By wisely investing time and home remodeling resources, your upgraded landscape can transform a standard view into a beautiful backyard paradise.

Since one of your goals is curb appeal, prioritize landscaping elements to increase curb appeal. For example, create a color palette in the yard. Of course, green will be the predominant color, but you can create contrast by adding plants that include color. You can vary the green theme by using dark green vines or alternate types of grasses and shrubs.

A garden with flowers can provide the most extensive variety of colors. Use a concrete sidewalk to create a patterned path through the yard and around the garden. Placing a pagoda or other structure in your yard will enhance its overall appearance. One of the most popular additions includes a rock wall, or a koi pond.

Remodeling your home can bring you the home features you want. However, while you’re involved in remodeling activities, it’s wise to keep your mind on how the result can affect your ROI. When you’re thinking of selling, try to think from the perspective of a buyer, and add the features that would most attract you. Best wishes on your home remodel, and here’s hoping you find you’ve also taken measures that will improve your ROI when that time comes.

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