Dirty Water Can Be Cut Down with a Home Water Filter Switch

Pleated sediment filter

Over the years some of the more traditional home water filter systems have diminished where others have taken their place to decrease issues or failure. String wound sediment filters are an example of an outdated, inefficient system. The concept behind string wound sediment filters is to wrap some type of string like material like cotton, polypropylene, nylon, or similar yarn like material around a steel or plastic core that supports the string. The core usually has lubricants and anti static agents added to it to help the flow of water. The problem with the additive is that they can leak into the filtrate and contaminate the water.

The flaws found in the string wound sediment filter are big factors why engineers created the pleated sediment filter and well water sediment filters. A pleated filter is much like the string wound sediment filter is designed to but it operates much better. Because of their increased surface area, pleated filters has a much higher efficiency level, up towards 95 percent , and allows them to hold dirt and load dirt much better than the string wound sediment filter. Contact your local home improvement center to find out more about replacing your home water filter system with a pleated sediment filter.

A sediment filter for well water is typically used when there are not high amounts of dirt or sediment to be filtered out. Pleated filters are most common because of their ability to filter out dirt and retain dirt, where a well water filter would be used in a less demanding filtering situation below ground. A sediment filter for well water works much like a string wound sediment filter does but, as said earlier, it is not as heavy duty as the pleated or string wound sediment filter. Explore your options online or by getting a hold of a home improvement professional in your local area to learn more about switching your home water system and costs of the project. Find more on this here.

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