Nashville Roofing Options For Your Flat Roof

One important renovation many homeowners will face at least once during their time owning a home is a new roof installation. Keeping up with roofing repairs and maintenance and the routine renovation or replacement can help protect your home from the elements. There are many types of roofing materials used today, but one of the cheapest and most common are asphalt shingles.

There are countless asphalt roof shingles manufacturers around the country so finding these shingles and roofing materials is usually not an issue. There are many colors and styles to choose from, and you can usually find some competitive pricing and services as well. When you need the best asphalt roofing products, it is a good idea to work with skilled and experienced local contractors.

These professionals can help you find everything from the bare basic asphalt shingles to fancier heritage asphalt shingles. Whatever your needs may be, a skilled roofing contractor can get you what you need with the best materials, service, and pricing. A quick search online can help you find the best local providers to begin your search with.

Nashville contractor

According to a Nashville contractor there are a lot of different options available for your flat roof today. So, whenever you’re doing some Nashville remodeling you should start by thinking about each of them so that you are sure to choose the right Nashville roofing to meet your needs. One thing that’s for certain though is that flat roofs need more maintenance or else they’ll leak and even your Nashville gutters can’t stop that.

With the aforementioned information in mind, here are some of your options whenever it comes to flat Nashville roofing:
1. Thermoplastic Olefin or Polyofen rubber roofing materials are new to the Nashville roofing market. They’re very eco friendly options for flat roofs that don’t contain chlorine and so they can be recycled. Their overall durability and strength also make them attractive. TPO also resists tearing and remains flexible whenever the roof may move so it should be able to last you between 10 and 20 years.
2. Single Ply PVC Nashville roofing was originally developed and used in Europe for commercial buildings. It consists of a single ply thermoplastic membrane making it a good option for Southern climates since the surface temperature won’t increase in sunlight. This means that your home will remain cooler than it would if you’d used another type of roofing material. Of course, this means that you’ll be able to save energy and money too. This roof will cost you slightly more than a TPO roof but it won’t leak thanks to the fact that hot air welded seams are able to create a physical bond.
3. EPDM Rubber roofs will last up to 30 years. They’re relatively easy to install and they’re inexpensive too. So, this is an economical choice for flat roofs. The one disadvantage to these roofs is that their seams are treated with adhesive, which will require maintenance over the course of time. Nevertheless, whenever the seams are properly taped they will be both durable and they’ll also prevent leaking.
4. Tar and gravel roofing consists of several layers of tar paper and asphalt. Gravel is then put on top in order to hold down the layers of tar paper and asphalt. Gravel protects the layers underneath from being damaged by the sun. However, wind will sometimes blow the gravel around your roof, exposing the layers underneath and thus increasing the likelihood of your roof developing leaks. Fixing leaks can difficult and replacement will require that your entire Nashville roofing be removed.

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