What Kind of Shower Base Do You Want?

Fiberglass shower base

The bottom part of a shower stall is called the shower base or shower tray. This base provides an important function as it is supposed to have the drain built into it. The base catches the water that comes out from the shower head and the water is then drained out through the shower drain. Shower bases are built so that they keep the water from leaking out onto the bathroom floor. Most modern day showers have a fiberglass shower base, but there are other materials that can be used too. If you are going to put in a new shower you’ll want to take the time needed to do some investigating into the kind of shower tray you want.

If you are installing a new shower, first measure the floor space where you will be installing the base for your new shower. You can then look at your options. There are different shaped bases to choose from. If you are installing a corner shower for instance, you can use a triangular shower base. There are also shower bases that will fit right into the area where you had an existing bathtub too. After you install the base the walls are installed. A lot of homeowners are choosing the option or replacing their tub with a shower today so they choose a rectangle shower base. You also have the option of choosing other shapes, such as an offset quadrant, square other standard shapes.

A shower base needs to have a slight rim to keep the water from flowing out onto the floor. Some other choices are the ones made from molded acrylic, steel enamel, stone resins and more. Shower bases come in various colors too. Another thing to think about is choosing a shower base that has been made with anti slip technology, which makes taking a shower safer for small children and the elderly.
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