2 Aspects of Your Home’s Exterior that Deserve Attention this Summer

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Now that the weather is finally turning favorable, it’s the perfect time to take a close look at your home’s exterior. Instead of getting bogged down with the never-ending chore of lawn-mowing and weeding, look a little higher – – and read a little lower – – for two great opportunities to upgrade your home’s appeal and property value.

Upgrade your fence style

Your fence is the threshold of your property. While it may not be the focal point, it can be a point of distaste. Whether you’re primary objective for your fence is aesthetic appeal, to increase the value of your property or your privacy, or for greater safety, there is a fence type out there for you and it doesn’t have to be ugly to get the job done.

Wood fence designs are a classic choice. From the spaced picket fence to split rail, or the more private solid board fencing, wood fences are versatile and cost-effective. The main downside to wood is its maintenance requirements. Look for pressure treated fence posts to prolong the life of your fence. In the U.S., most pressure treated fence posts run at an average $10 per post.

If durability is a major concern, aluminum fencing may be a better option. Although aluminum typically costs more than wood upfront, the low maintenance costs over the long-run should balance out any upfront costs. In addition, classic aluminum fences are shown to have a return of investment near 65% and greatly improve the curb appeal of any home.

Beyond appearance and design incentives, many homeowners turn to fencing companies for help increasing the privacy of their home. As many as 80 to 90% of applications for fences are for privacy fences, according to U.S. zoning committee experts. If privacy is important to you, look for a fence that offers height and a closed front such as a wood panel fence. For added aesthetics, you can always add a lattice top to the fence.

Show your deck some tender loving care.

As many as 40 million decks across the U.S. are estimated to be over 20 years old. If it’s been 20 years since you had your deck installed, it may be time for some renovations – – perhaps while you’ve got the fencing company building your new fence, you can recruit some help to reconstruct your deck. Like a decorative fence, adding a deck to your home is another great way to increase its property value. A wooden deck offers an average return on investment of 87% in the United States.

Even if you live in a state where weather can be volatile and unwelcoming, don’t abandon the idea of a deck or porch. A screened porch offers protection from the elements and insects alike while granting you the serenity of a private outdoor space. A screened porch can shelter you from more than just insects. Pet-resistant mesh has added strength to keep pets in or larger pests out.If sunlight is your enemy, sun-blocking screen is available for a screened porch that tends to overheat. Similarly, materials such as fiberglass offer occupants protection from the sun’s glare. Screened porch material comes in a variety of colors, as well: from black to charcoal or grey and even bronze. You can find a hue that won’t clash with your home’s exterior.

When building a screened porch, keep in mind that the screening material you choose is a key consideration. Screens are made from woven material or mesh. The weave is measured by strands per inch. So a mesh listed at 16 by 18 would have 16 strands in one direction and 18 strands in the other. The density of the weave you choose for your screened porch will depend on the level of protection you’re looking for.

Where to begin?

Now that the weather is starting to warm, it’s the perfect time to take a hard look at your home’s exteriors. You’ll be amazed by what an elegant wooden fence or artful screened porch can do for your home’s appearance – – not to mention the added benefit of getting to watch the sunset from your porch. Your local fencing or deck company can help get your project underway.

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