How Installing New Windows Can Save You Money And Keep You Safer

Steel framed windows and doors

Are you looking for a good home improvement project that can help you save money in the long-term? Try investing in steel framed windows and doors! Many homes, especially ones that are more old-fashioned, have doors and windows that let in the cold and end up wasting your energy bill every month. You can even put yourself at higher risk for break-ins or fires if your doors and windows aren’t up to par. If different homeowners can relate on anything, it’s trying to save money when you have bills to pay, food to buy and expenses to calculate! If you’re not sure where to start with fire rated windows or steel framed doors, keep reading to get yourself up to speed on all the useful and durable materials you’re missing out on!

Burglaries And Home Security

Your home is your castle. If it’s not fortified, you can potentially put yourself at risk of a break-in! It’s estimated that a whopping 30% of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door, with weaker foundations being easy to break through even if they are shut. This adds up to a home intrusion committed every 13 seconds, which means your home could be next on the list! Thankfully, steel framed windows and doors are explicitly designed to turn away malicious hands and make break-ins supremely difficult to execute. Their powerful framing and sturdy locks are tried and tested, ensuring that your peace of mind is an earned element of your everyday life.

Fire Risks And Safety

It’s not just break-ins to be cautious about. The year 2013 alone saw over one million fires reported around the country, with an average of a home structure fire every 85 seconds! The durability of your windows and doors are perfect for deterring wannabe burglars, but they also perform the function of providing you with an escape route should a fire erupt in your home. Thermal broken steel windows are energy efficient and incredibly easy to install, good for both insulating your home properly as well as keeping you from cleaning throughout the year. Proper fire safety, though, means you should always check your fire alarm and practice good habits like turning your lights off before you leave the house.

Better Lighting And Temperature

Now how about your interior design? Some homes struggle with providing good natural lighting, which can dampen your mood and make your home look incredibly drab. Windows facing to the south gain better solar heat and can encourage better lighting transfer during the colder and cloudier months. Even your energy bill will be feeling the brunt of your new installation — the average house sees anywhere from 15% to 22% of its heat loss occurring through its windows, which means your wallet as well as your home will thank you for steel framed windows and doors installation! Installation doesn’t take long, sometimes within the same day, which means you’ll see the financial and environmental benefits nearly overnight.

Steel Window And Door Manufacturers

Saving energy, encouraging better lighting and keeping you safe? That’s quite a bargain! If you want to see your doors and windows transforming the state of your home almost overnight, call your local home improvement professionals and ask them about their steel framed windows and doors. Window installation can cost anywhere from $400 to $600, but the money you’ll save every year through your energy bill will be more than worth it. If you’re tired of weak windows putting you at risk for both higher costs and potential break-ins, give steel window manufacturers a call and look up their deals for metal frame residential windows and doors.

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