Everything You Need to Keep in Mind About Bathroom Refinishing Costs

Ceramic tile installation cost

When it comes to selling your home, there?s a few things that really matter for showcasing your house to potential homeowners. And one of the most important elements is the state of your bathroom. Is it beautiful, or more like a throwback to 1980? If it?s time to redo your bathroom, there?s a few things you?re going to want to keep in mind regarding what consumers are looking for.

The Shower

Did you know the average lifetime of a shower is about 50 years? There?s a reason you?re going to want to replace your shower if it?s looking dated — people are going to check and think about how their daily routine is. One of the big trends today is to have more of a seamless shower — this means all glass and not a lot of obvious lines.

Bathtub Refinishers

Is your bathtub looking dated? Although everyone was all about getting showers several years ago, the pendulum has swung back and a lot of people are opting for bathtubs instead. Bathtub refinishing costs are often not as bad as you think, and certainly more affordable than purchasing an entirely new bath. Bathtub refinishers will re-enamel the surface so that it looks like new, and it will take no more than four hours to complete and will be ready for you to use a day later.

The Sink

There?s a lot of unique approaches you can take to your sink, whether it?s a farmhouse sink or something very elegant that seems to disappear into the wall. Pedestals are becoming increasingly popular since they take up less space and can help small bathrooms feel larger than they are. You should also keep storage in mind, though — the ?below the sink? counter has always been a popular place for storing everything from towels to toilet paper.

Ceramic Tile

A great tile can often make or break the appearance of a bathroom. If your tile screams 1970s aesthetic, then it may be time for an update. What can you do to hit the refresh button on this? Consult with a contractor regarding your options for ceramic tile installation. Think about what colors would work well with the overall motif of your space. Light colors can help make it look larger, though dark colors can help create a feeling of luxury.

Have you given any thought to bathtub refinishing costs or anything else on this list? Let us know.

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