3 Tips for Successfully Reaching Home Improvement Consumers in 2016

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Did you know that there are over 88,000 cabinetmakers and carpenters in the U.S. right now? While this might be a boon for someone looking for a new cabinet, it represents a lot of competition to anyone getting into the field. Now is the time, though.

About 7% of homeowners in 2013 reported putting off home design plans in order to save money during a rough economic period. Now that it?s 2016, an increasing percentage of homeowners are looking for ways to improve their home through remodeling problems.

So: how can you get a piece of this business? Here?s a few tips for successfully reaching consumers and providing a great experience they?ll want to tell their friends and family about in 2016.

Stop Hating on Yelp

It can sometimes seem unfair that your most dissatisfied customers often seem the most eager to vocalize a message about their experience on social media, but that?s the name of the game more or less. Public forums on the internet aren?t going away anytime soon. Rather than trying to get their posts taken down, see it as an opportunity. Always publicly address issues and do your best to come across as calm, reasonable, and accomodating. Most people understand that there are crazy customers out there — it?s how you respond to them, though, that makes the difference in public perception.

Purchase Top Cutting Tools

A key aspect in providing a great customer experience, is providing a great and lasting product. The more precise your custom tools are, the better the pieces you make will fit together and continue to fit together over time — there won?t be pieces popping out of place because your measurements were 3 mm off the first time. Make sure you have top of the line wood cutting tools — this isn?t the place to cut corners. Your coating tools should not only be sharp, but coated as well to ensure that they last longer and continue to stay on center.

Invest in Online Marketing

Not every industry lines up well with internet advertising, but this is hardly true of home improvement. People love posting about home improvement projects on Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Use this to your advantage and carefully cultivate a social media presence (and pay for ads) that help showcase your quality work to the world.

Are there any changes you would recommend home improvement companies make in order to attract more customers? Let us know. Read more like this.

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