Improving Your Health With Environmentally Friendly Lawncare Practices

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Sustainability and environmental responsibility are major tenants of the green movement, which first became widely popularized during the days love, sex, and rock and roll back in the 1960s and early 1970s. Then, as with now, it was written off as just another excuse for people to disassociate from societal norms. Those passionate about the movement were considered nothing more than tree hugging hippies, who were so focused on promoting flower power that they couldn’t see beyond the tint of their rose colored glasses and into the “real” world. Ironically, the reality was that they were trying to do everyone a big fair.

Aside from being written off as unnecessary, of the most common misconceptions about the green movement is that’s it’s merely a fad or new trend; a hip counterculture consisting of overly priced food, home, and body products that only certain people can afford. People often consider a “modern” thing when in fact, it’s quite the opposite! If anything, the green movement is a return to the way humans used to live; the way humans were meant to live.

Take for example, the ways of life various ancient civilizations used to live before the onslaught of colonization. The indigenous people of what is now the United States felt that the Earth, and all of it’s inhabitants including both plant and animal life, were sacred. They thrived by living a subsistence lifestyle, which meant only harvesting what they needed in order to survive. This was done out of respect for the Earth but also as a means of self preservation. After all, it makes no sense to destroy and pollute the very thing that is keeping you alive, right? For many reasons, this logic and reasoning behind it, escaped European colonist, who considered the indigenous people savages. Meanwhile, Europe’s natural resources were savagely being consumed at an alarming rate.

Fast forward to today, and any mention of living a sustainable or environmentally responsible lifestyle is enough to draw jeers, sneers, and intrusive questions that feel more like judgements than serious attempts to gain understanding. Fortunately, these sentiments are changing, and the green movement is becoming less of a movement in terms of becoming mainstream. That’s right, it’s cool to be green. And if you’re not, then you’re so like, early 2000s when everyone thought it was cool to drive around in gas guzzling Hummers. Totally. Not. Cool.

Though there is still a ways to go in terms of normalizing going green, people are catching on to benefits of eating organic food and using organic beauty and home products. Again, it’s important to realize that choosing green products is not only about caring for the Earth, but it’s also about caring yourself. For example, it’s estimated that every day, people are exposed to, come into contact with, and potentially absorb nearly 700,000 chemicals — not including genetically modified food-like products. And according to a study from the Global Healing Center, it isn’t at all uncommon for a person to exposed to up 2,100,000 toxins each day.

These toxins make their way into your bloodstream, where your kidneys, liver, lymphatic, and endocrine systems were hard to clean them out of your body. New research is only beginning to confirm what many hippies have already suspected, that these chemicals are responsible for increased diagnoses of autoimmune disorders, allergies, early onset puberty in children, and chronic health disease.

Just as eating organic foods can work wonders in terms of preserving the environment and improving your health, environmentally friendly lawncare and landscaping can do the same! The harsh chemical herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides used in the agricultural are not only responsible for the rapidly depleting nutritional content of food, but they’re also major culprits in terms of pollution and water contamination. You can do your part to reduce this by choosing safe lawn care products and adopting environmentally friendly lawncare practices.

Environmentally friendly lawncare practices and techniques are great for reducing pollution, but it’s about family friendly lawncare and dog friendly lawn care! Environmentally friendly lawncare and eco friendly lawn care is about protecting the Earth as much as it is about protecting your family and your pets. Just think about all the time your family and pets spend outside?

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