Rodents, Ants, and Termites, Oh My!

Termite control for homeowners

Insect and rodent control is something that all homeowners have to consider. Mice, ants, and termites are pests in every sense of the word, and they can even cause serious damage to a home. Here are some scary facts about the little buggers, along with a few useful household pest control tips.
Rodents: In one year, a single female mouse can have between five and 10 litters of five or six babies. Rats and other rodents are also well known for chewing on electrical wiring. This is extremely dangerous, as this could cause an electrical fire, which are very difficult to put out.

    What are some rodent control methods? The first step is to find the source of the rats and close off their escape routes. If it’s possible you’ll want to get rid of any and all food that they might have been feeding on, as it is more than likely contaminated. The final step is to set up mouse traps and mice bait where you know they are and wait to catch them.

Ants: Ants are an absolute nuisance. There are hundreds of different species of ants, such as the large carpenter ant and the aggressive fire ant (which currently infest 14 states in the southern U.S.). While typically harmless, if left unchecked a carpenter ant infestation can cause structural damage to your home. Fire ants don’t typically nest indoors, but they can become incredibly aggressive if their nest is disturbed, and their sting can be painful.

    What are some household pest control methods for ants? There are several different methods for each different species of ant, so it’s important to research the type that’s infesting your home and act accordingly. Ants are social and hive-minded, so if you see one there’s typically many more around. Like with rodent control, follow the clues to find out where they’re nesting. There are several ant traps available for purchase, so try setting up a few traps by the entrances you find and where they are most active.

Termites: A whopping 20% of homeowners that were asked said that their main pest concern was with termites, and it’s no real secret why. Termites eat mainly wood, which can cause several structural defects to a home. Nearly 15% of all new homes have serious damage that may be linked to termites. They can go undetected for years, and when found they’re incredibly difficult to get rid of.

    What are some termite control options? Termite control is far more difficult than rodent control and ant control, as it involves the application of chemicals which could be dangerous in untrained hands. For termites, it is best to contact professional termite control services.

What if these methods don’t work? If you’ve tried all of these methods and your infestation remains or returns, contact a professional pest control service. The reasons could be as simple as you missed a few and they were able to repopulate, but it may also be symptomatic of a larger, unseen infestation.

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