Air Conditioning Malfunction and Resulting Damage Highlights Need for Regular Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance

If energy efficiency, a cleaner general air environment in your home, or potential money savings wasn’t already enough for you to regularly invest in air conditioning repair services, perhaps this bit of news from Maryland will. According to Fox 45 News (WBFF), a fire broke out in a mobile home earlier this week after an air conditioner unit malfunctioned.

The cause of the fire was deemed accidental, but was placed solely on the electrical malfunction of the air conditioning system. Three people were displaced as a result of the fire’s damage to the home. It is estimated the fire did about $60,000 worth of damage in total. Obviously, that doesn’t include any potentially sentimental, momentous heirlooms, pictures, and various other things that may have been destroyed and lost forever in the home.

Air conditioning repair companies will check and service your HVAC units for a nominal fee and is a good idea to have done at least once or twice a year. Some experts say it should be done, at the very least, twice a year. Once in the fall, before the winter weather hits and once in the spring, before the summer swelter.

While this type of fire is more the exception than the norm, it is a stark reminder of the high stakes game of chance you’re playing when you elect to not have your air conditioning and HVAC units regularly inspected and serviced. This is especially true for older homes and air conditioning systems.

Approximately 20% of the homes built during the 1980s have air conditioning equipment that’s over 20 years old. These type of units should probably be replaced entirely for more modern, energy efficient units, but at the very least regularly maintained by a trained professional.

This isn’t just for older units though. Even new and modern systems can have any number of things go wrong. In fact, approximately 42% of those using central air equipment have it serviced it annually.

There are enough potential dangers and inherent risks in the world as it is already. Don’t let the systems you use for pleasure and convenience be something that can drastically alter your life for the detriment.

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