Get the Most from Your Construction Equipment Rental with These Tips

If you need to get construction equipment rental for a project that you’re working on, it’s important to try and get the best deal. This can ensure you good returns on this task, so it’s worth learning about the details to consider during this process. Whether you need an electric saw rental, a mini dumpster rental, or even a 50 ft towable boom lift rental, the process to find one is more or less the same. It should begin with searching for the various options that are available for you to choose from. After this, you can narrow down to the best solutions.

The best thing about renting equipment as you need it is that you don’t have to undergo the costs associated with actually owning the equipment. These costs include purchase costs, maintenance costs, and even storage costs for large, expensive, or delicate equipment. In addition to this, you may only need a given equipment rarely, especially for something like a leaf vacuum rent which could be used seasonally. With this in mind, it’s a good idea for you to think about your reasons for renting a given piece of equipment and make the most out of it so that the expenditure is worth your while.

Scaffold rental rates

Do you own or run a construction company? Do you own all of the equipment that you need for all of your jobs? If you do not own everything you need, all of the time, you may want to consider renting it. You can rent construction equipment for almost any length of time. If you need a day, that works. If you need it for a full year, that works, too. It is a common practice in the construction industry. Basically, if there is something that you only need between 30 and 40% of the time, renting the equipment is a much better option than buying it. That is why there are so many equipment rental companies around.

There are a number of benefits to renting your equipment rather than buying it. In the first place, you do not need to move the equipment to the job site. That will be taken care the equipment rental companies. Secondly, you do not have to worry about storing it, which is really great if it is something you do not use that much and would be sitting in storage or on a plot of land for long periods of time. Thirdly, you do not have to deal with maintaining it. Lastly, if the equipment does break down, most equipment rental companies (unless there is something written to the contrary in the rental agreement) will come get the broken equipment and drop off a replacement. If you owned that tool or piece of equipment, having it repaired could set your job back in time and cost a lot of money.

These are the reasons that so many construction firms are turning to equipment rental companies for their equipment rental needs. If you are considering going this route, here are some tips to make the experience better.

  1. Know exactly what you need. If you are unsure, do some research before you contact any of the equipment rental companies. The more you know about the exact item or items you need, when you call around to get quotes for renting it, you will be less likely to be taken advantage of. In this instance, knowledge really is power.
  2. Determine your budget and time frame before you call. Before you try to price out what you need with different equipment rental companies, make sure you know exactly how much you can afford to spend and how long you will need the equipment. The more precise you can be with your time schedule, the better. These items can be rented by the hour, day, week or month. Ask about any discounts for longer term rentals.
  3. Look into the different equipment rental companies. Do you know other people in your industry? Of course you so. Ask them if they have ever rented equipment, who they rented it from and what their overall experience was. Look into the equipment rental companies online. The more you can find out about the construction equipment rental companies, the better.
  4. Find a company that has a big inventory. The more items and the variety of equipment and tools for rent, the better. The more extensive their rental equipment inventory, the more likely you will find the things you need and the less likely you will be to get the wrong equipment for the job you are doing.
  5. Ask the equipment rental companies about their maintenance policy. How often do they do routine maintenance on their equipment rentals? If something breaks down, how long does it take for them to get you a replacement?
  6. Get the company’s fee structure and billing policies. You want to ask also about their return policy. The more questions you ask the rental company before you rent anything, the better the chances are that there will be no ugly surprises when you return the rental equipment.

You want to do the best job you can for your clients. Part of that is finding the best equipment rental company and renting the best equipment for the job you are doing. That can take a decent amount of time and work but when you find a great rental company, you will know where to go the next time you rent equipment.


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