The Importance of Proper Water Well Construction and Maintenance

Are you considering getting a well drilled on your property? Locating a well on your property is a significant investment that can provide you with a reliable source of clean water for years to come. But it’s crucial to ensure your well’s longevity and functionality. That’s where well-maintenance and repair in your area come into play. 

The design of your water well is a critical factor in its performance. Proper well design ensures efficient water extraction and minimizes the risk of contamination. You’ll also need a reliable water pump for potable water to make the well system complete. Getting quality water wells drilled is possible when you work with the local pros.

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your well, you want the best expertise. That’s where your well repair and maintenance experts step in. They can handle well screen replacement, address any issues with the well’s structure, and ensure your water supply remains safe and reliable.

So, whether you’re in the process of getting a well drilled, getting the design of water well systems done, or need maintenance and repair services for an existing well, make sure to reach out to your local experts. They have the knowledge and experience to keep your water well functioning optimally for years.

If you are looking for water well repair or installation services, quality is key. You will need to find a reputable company to work with right from the start. No matter what your needs are, local well experts can help you find the best place for your well and can help you throughout the entire process.

Whether you have concerns about concrete well casing repair, grouting a well casing, or how to maintain your well for the long term, you can find the answers you are seeking. You will want to have an expert team on the job to ensure the well is installed properly. This will ensure you and your family have access water that is safe and clean.

No matter how specific or general your questions are, your local water and well company can help you get exactly what you need. Always work with professionals to ensure you’re getting quality results. If you have questions about drilling a well on a mountain or what to consider when grouting a well after installation, the answers are out there.

Don’t put it off any longer – call the local well and water experts in your area today to get a new well drilled or to upgrade your existing one!

Looking for residential or commercial well contractors? Whether for a home or business, access to clean water is vital. Digging a well may offer the best way to tap into clean water.

The anatomy of a well water system may seem simple at first glance. Under ground, you’ll find an aquafer, which is sometimes used as another name for a water well, but actually refers to the source of water a well taps into. A well casing will be put in place to ensure access to the water. Then, a pump is installed and electricity is run to the pump.

A bubbler, which is another word for water well, is a bit more complex in practice and the actual set up may depend on your location and facilities. Still, no matter which way you dig it, a well may be the right solution for your business or home.

If you have questions, it’s smart to reach out to residential and commercial well contractors. Whether you’re looking to get a well dug or need to know another name for a water well, experts can help.

Digging a well isn’t enough, however. Proper maintenance and perhaps well repair services may also be required to make sure that the tap, which is yet another word for a water well, keeps flowing.

Water well construction is done by well drilling services, and it’s a vital undertaking, especially in arid and semi-arid areas. Backyard well drilling also comes in handy in areas that local water utility companies don’t service. After being constructed, water wells can provide water for both human and animal consumption and farming.
However, a water well will require maintenance over time to ensure constant water flow and safe drinking water. For instance, the backyard well pump linked to the well should be serviced to guarantee constant water flow. On the other hand, to guarantee quality, the water should be tested annually for bacteria like coliform by a certified laboratory.

A basic well water system should be tested every three years for water pH levels and dissolved solids. In addition, if the water has apparent stenches, stains, and tastes, testing can help pinpoint the root cause of these problems.
The best place to dig a well is a spacious area; therefore, ensure the area around the well, about 100 feet is clear of items that can contaminate the water supply. People should also hire a professional to inspect their wells every ten years. That said, the discussion below will highlight several reasons people should construct and maintain their water wells.

Updated 05/31/22

Everyone dreads having a busy morning, and upon turning on the shower, there is no water. The water headache can ruin the start of your day. Water is essential, especially if you have a large family. There are ways to avoid the water headache, like having backyard water well. You will find that rental houses and apartments with adequate water are fully packed. A water well can act as a backup plan if the municipal water is not sufficient.

Good water wells will require well repair services, primarily when the pump is not functioning or clogged. One can have a bored well pump well serviced and maintained to last you more than twenty years. To understand the bored well definition, you will need to conduct some research and hire someone who is an expert in this field. Many homeowners often wonder, can I drill my own well? Yes, you can dig your well just a few meters deep. Dug wells are not as big and sophisticated as professional artesian wells.

It is crucial even after having a backup plan for drilling a well; you ensure you follow the rules and regulations associated with water wells. Moreover, you don’t want to be contemptuous of violating one of the rules, thus making you go back to the drawing board.

A water well is a reliable source of water. You need to have safe water for drinking and other home uses. To achieve that, you should keep your well clean and maintained. If your well has poor water quality, water discoloration, low yield, or residue, it shows poor well maintenance and performance. Some people wonder, are water wells good or bad? Having a well at home will save a lot of water bills. You will also not ration water because there is plenty. If you need a well, ask which one is the best between an artesian well and a dug well. Check the pros and cons of each well and compare them. If you like artesian wells, seek professional assistance.

Water well maintenance fixes damage and prevents water contamination. If you suspect issues such as erosion, clogging, or collapse of some well parts, you should consult a water well drilling company for inspection. During an inspection, water well experts will check the pumps for overheating or other damage. Are wells safe to drink from? To ensure you consume safe water, you should contact a private testing lab and check for microscopic organisms, water pH, contaminants, and minerals. Always address issues of contamination immediately to save lives.

In America, there are a lot of households in reliance on water well as their water supply. That number amounts to more than 15 million! Survival is difficult in places that don’t have a good supply of surface water, which is why wells are so important.

Prior to a century ago, wells were hand-dug. Nowadays, well drilling services are replacing the way they once were dug. Once dug, it has a non submersible well pump that pushes the water against the surface. This in-line well pump is capable of pumping the water but cannot carry it over the pump above 30 feet. This is why a deep well requires an electronic pump to carry the water.

Once the well is constructed it will need an on-demand well pump. This pump is switched on when it identifies a decrease in water pressure.

Maintaining well water is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner. Part of this maintenance is ensuring there is nothing contaminating the water. In order to ensure the water’s drinkability, the pH needs to be neutralized. A water treatment system can do this by providing bacteria-killing chlorine to the well water to neutralize the pH levels.

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Over 15 million of American households rely on private ground water wells for their water. In areas where surface water is scarce, many people wouldn’t be able to survive without wells.

Wells have been used as a means of securing life sustaining water for more than 10,000 years. Up until one hundred years ago, the vast majority of these wells were dug by hand. Today, well digging by hand has been replaced by well drilling services.

The construction of a well

To drill a well, drill rigs are mounted on large trucks. Rotary drill bits or percussion bits are used to chew away at or smash through the rock. If the ground is soft enough, large auger bits (which look like man-sized screws) can be used to drill through the softer muck. These wells will often be dug over 1,000 feet deep, and contain a pump to help push the water towards the surface. A pump can pump water up hundreds of feet, but it can’t lift it much higher than 30 feet above the pump. As such, hand pumps are only applicable for shallow wells. In a deeper well, you’ll need to install an electric pump. Electrical pumps will have a shut-off power switch.

This electric pump will be connected to a pressure switch. The pressure switch will have a high and low psi cut-off. The pressure switch reads the pressure of the water via a pipe that connects to the water supply. The switch will tell the pump when to turn on and off based on the psi.

So that the pump doesn’t have to constantly kick on and off, water tanks are installed in the basement of homes. The water tank will have an air bladder inside with a valve of the same type as used on automobile tires so you can adjust the air inside the bladder. The bladder will be set slightly below the psi of your system.

Maintaining a well

After a well digging and drilling service has built your well, it’s up to you as the homeowner to maintain it. You’ll need to ensure surface water or other contaminating materials can’t infiltrate your well and aquifer. Each and every well owner contributes to protecting our groundwater quality. Nearly one-third of the Earth’s freshwater – – around 2.78 million trillion gallons – – is groundwater. It’s important that all well owners are aware of the regulations governing the maintenance of their well. For instance:

  • Pay attention to any changes in taste, color, or odor of the water in your well. Water which smells is often a sign of sulfur contamination. In addition to altering the smell and taste of your water, sulfur can corrode your plumbing. If you suspect sulfur contamination, have your well purified.
  • Check your water tank hasn’t become water logged. You’ll be able to tell if your water tank has become water logged if your pump is cycling on more often or water begins leaking from the tank. if your water tank is water logged, you’ll have to replace the water tank.
  • Prevent surface water contamination by mounding earth around the outside of your well. The best well digging services will ensure they leave you not only with a functional well, but also with one that isn’t prone to contamination. Ensure your well drilling service creates a mound around your well’s surface to keep out contaminates.
  • Test your well regularly for bacteria, chemicals, and nitrate-nitrogen. Bacteria testing should be completed at least three times a year or more often if your well is shallow. You should check for nitrate-nitrogen once a year.
  • Plug and seal any unused wells. If you have a well that’s no longer being used, contact a water well sealing service to have it sealed. Water well sealing protects the aquifer from contamination. An unsealed unused well can pose a health hazard to humans, livestock, and wildlife alike. There are numerous regulations that must be adhered to when sealing a well, as such it’s important that you contract with a licensed water well sealing service.

Maintaining your water well is an important responsibility of well owners. From ensuring proper construction to seeking a water well sealing service for any unused wells, it’s up to each well owner to keep our water supply pure.



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