Increase the Value of Your Home with Landscape Services

Many people will want to get commercial lawn maintenance at some point. The commercial landscaping prices might be higher in some places and lower in others. It usually all depends on how much business the professionals will find in a particular area, and how many clients they have. The commercial lawn maintenance services that are working today will usually have a lot of clients, which can make things easier for the clients that they do have. They will be able to share all the experience that they have accumulated over the years.
These professionals can help people with their front yard renovation projects, as well. People will not just need to call these services when they are interested in the maintenance of their front yards or their backyards. When people search ‘garden contractors near me,’ they will have the chance to innovate and not just to maintain, which can help everyone. These professionals can help to give people a lot of new ideas. They can also resolve some of the issues that may have already presented themselves.

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Whether you’re landscaping your front yard to increase curb appeal or your back yard to create a private sanctuary, it’s important to know that you don’t need to do the work yourself. You can hire a landscape service to assist you with the design, creation, and maintenance of all your home’s grounds.

Have you recently landscaped? Then a landscape service can assist you with everything from maintaining your lawn to tree trimming and other tree care services.

Have you just decided to go ahead with a landscaping project? Then a landscape service can prepare the canvas of your yard by old tree removal. They can also guide you to choose, and then plant, new trees to add shade and enhance your outdoor living spaces.

Benefits of Landscaping with Trees

There are a variety of benefits to landscaping with trees. One of the more obvious benefits, of course, is to create a relaxing outdoor space for you, your family, and friends.

Were you also aware that planting trees around your home has a cooling effect? When trees are professionally placed by a landscape service, they can reduce your air conditioning requirements by 30%.
A single healthy tree, for example, can produce the same cooling effect on your home as ten room-sized air conditioners. Furthermore, it would be like running those air conditioners 20 hours per day.

Having trees around your home can also make a difference in your heating needs. The energy you use can actually be reduced by 20%-to-50%. For example, when you plant just one tree on the west side of your home, your energy bills may be reduced by 3% in five years. Your bill will gradually decrease during the upcoming years as well. In 15 years, for example, your savings may be 12%.

How Much You Should Budget

Around half of the homeowners that have hired a landscaping service for a current project are planning to spend $10,000 or more. Around two-thirds have already spent this amount on landscaping projects. If you’re not sure how much to spend, budgeting just 5% of your home’s current value can still increase your return investment up to 150%, however.

When you choose to have a mature, rather than a young tree, planted, these may be appraised between $1,000-to-$10,000. The added value will usually depend on the variety of trees you choose.

Improving Your Property for Sale

If you’re landscaping to improve your property’s value before selling, this is encouraged by 90% of real estate agents. Furthermore, 97% of realtors stated that one of the top-five ways to improve your home’s value is to landscape; it can increase your resale value by 14%. When you landscape with trees, however, it can increase your property value up to 20%.

When surveyed, many real estate agents believe that landscaping can bring in a return of 215%. Furthermore, when a home’s landscaping includes mature trees, 83% of these realtors claimed there is an additional impact. If a home is selling for under $150,000, this can have a moderate or strong impact on potential buyers. For homes selling over $250,000, this impact might be increased to 98%.

When prospective home buyers or renters are searching for just the right house or apartment, 63% said they would pay more when there is more green space.

Upgrading Your Home’s Landscaping

Even if you’re not planning to sell, landscaping can raise your property’s value up to 12% or more. To accomplish this, most homeowners, approximately 64%, are choosing to upgrade their backyards.

Most of these projects, around 58%, are substantial, and include paving, adding new beds, and building or upgrading outdoor structures. Other homeowners are choosing to have a landscape service completely overhaul their grounds with re-grading, re-landscaping, and terracing.

Creating a Relaxing Space

When homeowners have pleasant outdoor spaces, they tend to spend more time outdoors. In fact, over 50% of the homeowners enhancing their outdoor surroundings are spending six or more hours outside per week.

The top three uses for these revitalized spaces are to just relax, entertain, and garden. Just being in an environment with trees can reduce stress. Recent laboratory research actually shows that having visual access to trees for just five minutes can assist people with recovering from stress.

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